VBAddict still down

FYI – this website has been down now for well over a month, with a note on the site saying “won’t be able to start with a new version of vBAddict until the new year and ask for patience until then.”

RIP – a moment of silence for VBAddict.



19 thoughts on “VBAddict still down

    1. There are a lot of things this owner has said/done that are just simply very suspect.

      I’m not confident this site will ever be availabl again.

      The entire “hacked” story in itself was very fishy, no backups? Really?

      Hence why I have no faith in what he says LUL


      1. Is the current developer the original one? Didn’t he sell/donate the site last year? Possibly the new owner didn’t have access to the backups. What would the purpose of taking your own site offline be, blaming hackers and then rebuilding from scratch?

        If you have the source code or database backups available, it shouldn’t be that hard to restart the site after a hacker attack. The hosting doesn’t seem to be under third-party control.

        Perhaps there are other reasons for the owner not to just deploy the old site again. It might even be technical problems, old or licenced frameworks, messy code, or personal preferences and motivations that drives him to develop something new.


      2. It says “I’m in the process of completely reprogramming the existing system, more secure and up-to-date than the old one”. So maybe he’s not bothered with the backups or what-not. I have only used it prior to 2 years ago before I found wotstats.net, and I have never used it anymore since then except for the global tank stats. I think it has lost most of its user base to other third party stat tracker because apparently, they work better.

        So it’s likely to me that maybe he’s trying to compete better with the likes of wotstats.net.


    1. I am a blue player but i do mind xvm

      Maybe if you would concentrate to improve your play and whine less about xvm focus you would have a much better game experience

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    2. Yeah, let’s file a lawsuit against WG for disclosing private data such as your ingame nick or the vehicle you are currently playing with. Also they should blur all the decals, emblems and inscriptions on tanks, so no one could identify you that way either…

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  1. eh its also the drownings and other fun stuff teammates do when they read their own xvm mod stats.
    xvm isnt all about player targeting.

    BIG whine BIG BIG whine.
    Someone call the popos, we got a crime of the century here in progress.


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