WoT Q&A – 2nd January 2019

A short Q&A with Viacheslav Ushakov. Originally from 19 December 2018.

Q: Why did the Santa vs Krampus event not appear on the CIS server?
A: This was an EU server idea. We don’t copypaste events between servers.

Q: Why can’t we get big boxes without paying?
A: Many streamers do giveaways, try your luck there!

Q: Why don’t you triple the team damage penalty, instead of removing it completely?
A: Because accidents happen, and we don’t want to punish the players for them.

Q: Why not implement quantity limits for gold ammo, instead of nerfing damage?
A: This would mean the ammo would be used against heavy armored targets anyway. It wouldn’t change anything.

Q: Do you plan to introduce more mods into the game client?
A: We’re constantly monitoring which mods should be integrated with the base game. Personally, I would like to see session stats.

Q: Will you allow us to pick which maps we want to play on?
A: Wait for premium account changes, tests will show.

Q: Do you plan to remove old, unused accounts to free up some nicknames?
A: We’re already doing that, sometimes unnanounced.

Q: Why is changing your nickname so expensive?
A: So you don’t molest our servers with queries.

Q: Any plans on enabling more players to get the Object 907 or the VK 72.01?
A: We haven’t decided yet. The list of event rewards will be finalized in 2019.

Q: The IS-3 has an automatic loading mechanism now, give it to the IS-7 now for historical accuracy!
A: Doing this would force us to rebalance other stats. Taking into account that the IS-7 is the most popular tank on our servers, we don’t want to risk it, because we know we won’t please all the players.

Q: Ten reports per day are insufficent, an increase maybe?
A: No plans for that.

Q: A rebalance of tanks relying on HE shells?
A: Yes, we’ll redo the Japanese tanks.

Q: What about the Italian TDs? A low tier prem? The Awful Panther?
A: TDs – not yet, low tier prems – maybe, the AFKpanther isn’t ready.

Q: Can you roll back the T-22 changes?
A: No, it would be too OP. That’s also the reason why it’s not available.

Q: An ELC rebalance?
A: Not now.

Q: Of all announcements, what awaits us the fastest?
A: Front Line, the mode is now 100% ready.

Q: My Buffon is commanding a Japanese tank, and I don’t like it. Will you enable us to change tanker nationality?
A: No, we’re not planning to.

Q: Any info about the T67?
A: It’s problematic, and will most likely be redone with many other vehicles.


39 thoughts on “WoT Q&A – 2nd January 2019

  1. “Q: Why not implement quantity limits for gold ammo, instead of nerfing damage?
    A: This would mean the ammo would be used against heavy armored targets anyway. It wouldn’t change anything.”
    Personal opinion, but shouldn’t it be like that anyway (as in, used mostly against heavy armored tanks)? Except you’d have to consider weakpoints if you’re low on prem shells. (Again, this is just my opinion)

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    1. no, its suposed to be a TACTIC choice, not just to “balance” armors !
      Its used like this because idiot devs made it like this by giving it moronic pen values without any drawback except premium price…but its NOT how it should be.


        1. theres nothing tactic if nothing is changed.
          curently all what you need to think about is pen value. You meet a heavy? – load p2w gold. thats only “tactic” choice what you have to do.
          This WONT change if wg only limit p2w ammo loadout. SAME “tactic” will be used, only difference is that NON ARMORED tanks wont be goldspammed anymore, something what DOESNT MATTER ANYWAY beause they simply dont care about extra pen shells…its same thing for a non armored target but HUGE DIFFERENCE for armored one. And for armored ones NOTHING WILL BE CHANGED !

          A tactical choice means to know what ammo you need or is best depending on ANY enemy what you meet and even thinking about reloading a new shell type when you face a specific target.
          Spaced armor, angled armor, flat armor, thick and thin armor…a lot of posibilities of choices and …what we have???
          ARmor?? PAY MORE !! Not armor? – you still can fire that p2w shell because no drawback !
          Wheres the tactic?? Especially when PREMIUM PRICE IS INVOLVED???


        2. when to load your limited ammo..?? When you meet armor, really…what a difficult choice..
          and the problem is that exactly this is what we do now. The only difference is that with unlimited p2w ammo we can fire it at ANY target…with limitations you just “save” it for heavys…

          what a “tactic” choice…what can i say…


    2. Having a cap on it would just cripple stock grinds even more. Especially tier 8 HT’s with sub 200 pen facing tier X super heavies. And most would indeed just save those 5 rounds for the most armored target. It could even force clip tanks to fall back and reload if the found a Borsig there vs the Defender that was last spotted there 30 seconds ago. As he needs the clip for the Defender if it’s late game. As that’s basically the only change it would do. Less gold spam on paper targets, but HT’s and armored TD won’t notice much. Even more so if you play the Type 5 and everyone has 5 rounds each just for you.

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      1. your description sounds quite perfect to me. The player needs to manage his precious prem rounds for the right situation. And even then he only has a certain amout available for that situation.


    3. Or rather, it wouldn’t change anything for fighting against the fatties. They’d still get gold-spammed because that would still be the most practical way of fighting them. But perhaps it might mean other tanks may not catch as much gold spam.

      Still, the root of the problem is the armor rather than the ammo. If we had weakspots to snipe and practical flanking routes to use, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Too bad WG is still insisting on coddling the corridor-brawlers.

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      1. Put back actual weakspots that you are able to hit at midrange, remove fecking prem ammo. Done.

        1 Tier MM with Tier 10 gameplay now has boiled down to which side spams more premium ammo. My hitlog usually consists of nothing but HEAT, prem APCR and even the artypigs are firing prem HE…

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      2. No. Of course it would change something. If the amount fo prem shells flying around is reduced it consequently means that it is also reduced against the fatties.

        I fully agree on your second paragraph though.


  2. ” This would mean the ammo would be used against heavy armored targets anyway. It wouldn’t change anything.”

    And how the fk does he know that it wouldn’t? They didn’t even consider it, nor tried it yet, besides it wouldn’t fk up every premium dependant special MM/high DPM vehicles… So typical of WG… What we say works what you say wouldn’t, and we don’t care what u think.

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    1. Because they didn’t announced it on the Portal they didn’t test a limitation KEK as if every company releases when they internally test something


      1. Bullshit. If you test something and you are asked about it, you wouldn’t miss the opportunity to mention the testing and results. Especially if you are at WG. As soon as they test something they share it so ppl know about it. They didn’t test shit, they just ignore this factor, and assume it wouldn’t work. On the other hand, the pay2win shit they released were all tested internally, so does their internal tests have any meaning? I don’t think so…


  3. Map choose option ONLY for premium players?? Gj donkeys !! Thats what game needs – MORE P2W !

    Is7 will be OP with autoloader?? OF COURSE TROGS !!
    You dont want to do this without other drastic changes?? SURE ! JUST LIKE YOU ALREADY DID WITH A FKIN PREMIUM IS3 !! NO OTHER CHANGES AS DRAWBACK !
    On standard tank, sure, is a big problem !! But on a fking premium…why not Right donkeys??

    You just basicaly recognized this OP problem on Is7 idea but still implemented on IS3A !


    1. How is not playing on the one map you hate pay 2 win? If it was 5-6 maps you could constantly change. Then sure. As then you could just have open maps for scouts and urban for HT’s all the time. But then again they have also talked about a locked veto for everyone on the last NA Q&A. So it could be that the premium one gives a 2nd option for all we know.


      1. because its allowed only for premium users and is a BIG ADVANTAGE to NOT be in a open map with your heavy or in a city map with your LT.
        And i dont think so that will be only 1 map choice.


        1. Even if you have 3 Maps to choose there are still plenty of maps where you are not in your “comfort” zone calling this P2W is just loud crying


          1. while it is all for premiums and NOTHING for f2p…its nothing else than p2w !
            i would be just pleased with 1 option for f2p and 2 or 3 for premiums for example


  4. He would like to have sessions stats? Do WG play their own game? They did add sessions stats to the vanilla client. Just not in the notification area like the mod. But instead did hide it within hall of fame. And it’s actually handy with detailed info of the last login session or the last 24 hours. But just a pain to get to constantly.


  5. Q: Will you allow us to pick which maps we want to play on?
    A: Wait for premium account changes, tests will show.

    this sounds dissapointing and i wonder how none whiner spotted this…


  6. «Q: A rebalance of tanks relying on HE shells?»
    a good question to be asked

    «A: Yes, we’ll redo the JAPANESE tanks.»
    hmmmm, are the Japanese tanks the only ones that rely on DERP guns? I think there’s one other machine at Tier 6 that makes any noob who does not play it cry, well sometimes even when using the exact same thing

    high damage is a problem overall, well in fact it’s more like how dmg is too inbalanced when compared to the game HP pool at each tier, increasing the HP pool would actually work out better because skill would be even more of a factor but it would also give more time for players to actually learn the game, instead of playing 50 x 4 minute long matches and learn almost nothing they could play 30~35 x 5~6 minute matches and learn how to use their tank little by little, WoWs is the perfect example about how the ability to stay in game longer won’t scare away the players


    1. If you’re talking about the KV-2, the difference is the KV has no armour, while the Jap heavies shit in your face while you bounce on them…

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      1. mai problem here is not only durp guns…problem is combination between durps and imbecile armor without weakpoints !
        thats why KV2 is OK and Japans NOT !


      2. I won’t deny that, however it is still true that high damage is a real problem across the whole game and the question was about DERP guns, or does anyone actually believe it’s okay for a IS-7 lose 2187 of it’s total 2400 HP in a high roll from the FV4005 Stage II gun without needing to be ammoracked?
        I personnally believe that a heavy tank must require at least 3 shots to be destroyed by the highest damage gun of it’s tier, that is the only way to balance things out, I still believe the whole game needs a increase of it’s HP pool

        and about idiot armour, it’s all WG fault and can be easily corrected
        O-I experimental should have a max of 75mm of armour in the front, rear and turret
        O-I should have at most 150mm of armour in the same locations, sides of both are supposed to be less armoured
        tiers 7 and 8 are fakes, this time not from WG side but from some Japanese sources that published wrong information about the Japanese Super Heavy tanks
        Type 4 and 5 offer some liberty on how to balance since there’s not enough info on it’s armour and if you extrapolate based on the history of Japanese tank development it should have it’s weakspots


        1. i dont think thats just perfectly fine to do BIG damage…i think that MORE TANKS should be able to do this !
          Why? because this is a game with TANKS not a fkin CounterStrike where you need to machinegun your enemys to die !
          A TANK must feel powerfull and strong in same time ! How is that possible when a tank can receive 10 penetrating shots and still be alive??
          Here…not damage is the problem…is players behavior and expectations.
          Also…imbecile armors too like is said above..


        2. The FV4005 is a special exception in my opinion, it was designed for only firing HESH rounds against the heaviest soviet vehicles, additionally the FV has NO armor, it is in fact just a gun on Tracks


          1. it’s not about the FV4005, I wrote it as an example because it’s the highest damage gun at Tier 10, I still believe that there’s an inbalance between the potential dmg and the HP pool for every tier, imagine what it feels for a new player to suddenly reach Tier 3 and get pulverized by a Hetzer in a single shot, even at Tier 4 the Hetzer can oneshot many tanks with a avg dmg AP shot (350 dmg), let alone the 410 dmg of the HE ammo

            it’s an issue for all Tiers, let’s take Tier 6 as an example and exclude all the DERP guns, even in those conditions it is still possible to kill most heavy tanks in 3 shots, this repeats itself in every tier and we all know that there’s a massive power-creeping issue in the game, there’s too much avg and potential damage for too little HP

            once again I must claim that WoWs proves it is possible to keep the game fun, engaging and casual even if you increase the avg match duration by 2 or 3 minutes from adjusting the balance between HP pool and damage


            1. Yea when I started the game in late 2017 I was a bit dissapoited in the early Tiers because I got permanently Oneshotted by many Tanks. A HP increase would be great for the player experience, the matches would be longer and maybe not so one sided

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      3. Derp guns are strong in the current meta because with HE they are actually more reliable and consistent at dealing damage than normal guns even considering the disadvantages in accuracy, velocity, fire rate, et cetera. This is because of the armor and corridors.

        And like some others have said, the major issue with the Japanese heavies is the idiot-proof armor. By itself that’s bad enough, but combined with the large caliber HE you have the corridor meta wrapped around your finger. You peek out, everyone else either spams gold or bounces, and you chuck HE back at them.

        The HE itself is only a problem when your armor has to be put to one of the two opposing extremes. And likewise with gold ammo, its only necessary because WG is balancing armor around it. Subtract the idiot-proof armor from the equation and all other problems are solved.

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  7. Q: Why not implement quantity limits for gold ammo, instead of nerfing damage?
    A: This would mean the ammo would be used against heavy armored targets anyway. It wouldn’t change anything.

    What he means is “if we limit the amount people will buy less, if we nerf damage people will need more than before. So obviously we won’t take the option that brings us less money”.


  8. they want to make the premium account more interesting .. so there will add more perks like that.

    and guess what… if all premium heavy driver will blacklist certain maps … I’m pretty sure thematchmaker will fit the slots on those maps with f2p players

    still it will be the same on both sides of the match and won’t help you to win .. so its not really p2w .. but its annoying ,9


  9. Honestly
    WG staff should just shut the fuck up and say nothing – ever
    that way there promises don’t get forgotten or broken which happens all the time year after year

    and if they all stay ‘shut the fuck up’ we wont think how fucking incredibly stupid that all the time when they open there mouths

    all the Developers Q&A do is annoy and infuriate us the more those WG Ruskie twats think there all so fucking clever talking down to us as if were children

    as a example the sentence below from WG Viacheslav Ushakov says it all for me

    Q: Why not implement quantity limits for gold ammo, instead of nerfing damage?
    A: This would mean the ammo would be used against heavy armored targets anyway. It wouldn’t change anything

    this shows exactly how fucking stupid WG staff are when they open there big Ruskie mouths


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