January 2019 Specials Sneak Peek

Source: EU Portal

  • x4 Experience for Each Vehicle’s First Victory!

5-7 January: Let’s start with a bang, in the shape of a great x4 multiplier on your first victory. Your first battles of 2019 will surely be sweet!


x4 XP on your First Victory
  • x2 Experience for Each Victory!

12-14 January: Why stop after the First Victory? After all, “winner takes all”, right? So make the most of this awesome special, where every victory counts!


Double XP for every victory
  • Cooling Down

15-18 January: After the craziness of the Festive Season, it’s time to cool down with a new special, with a chance to pack consumables, Personal Reserves, and more!


A mission to win a Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
  • Crew is Crucial

19-21 January: Your crews returned after a well-deserved break, but they have to get ready for what we have planned for them in 2019! Luckily enough, we have just the thing!


x3 Crew XP on your battle
  • Maintenance and Improvement

22-25 January: It’s time to do some cleaning in your garage! Be prepared for our new vehicles and enjoy rewarding missions featuring a lot of consumables!


50% on Garage Slots
  • XP Fever

26-28 January: The most classic of all specials returns, with a twist! This time, we changed the conditions so more commanders may enjoy great rewards!


Great sums of XP
  • Xtra Progress

29 January-1 February: Let’s finish the month on an Xtra note! Time to progress way faster with this special, where there’s something for every tier!


XP to be gained for all tiers

7 thoughts on “January 2019 Specials Sneak Peek

    1. Because announcements on upcoming promos are not made on WOT SEA. Even though specials are not always the same for every region it gives me an indication of what’s upcoming (e.g. thanks to this post I’ll hold off playing for a few hours until the weekend x4 starts).


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