T95/FV4201 Pictures

Now in the game files since 1.3, along with HWK 30 and M41D.

This vehicle will most likely be a reward for the upcoming Campaign.


13 thoughts on “T95/FV4201 Pictures

  1. I’ll give it one thing, its a beautiful looking vehicle. Now if only i was part of a clan big and good enough so I had a chance to get it xD


        1. S. Conq has an indestructible turret, excellent gun depression and good gun handling, which makes it a fantastic tank. The T95/Chieftain is similar, except for the gun handling, nevertheless, good turret with 10 degrees of gun depression is very useful and makes the tank good. Even if it won’t be as good as the S. Conq, it will still be a fantastic tank in my oppinion. But we will have to wait and see.

          Though the Obj. 907 is still the best CW reward tank.


  2. 140 pen hesh, better turret than super conq, basically nonexistent cupola… this thing needs 20 side armor to balance it out… and a larger cupola, or at least make the cupola not super bouncy…


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