Advent Calendar: Day 24

Whether you call it “Ten” or “X”, this tank would love to be in your garage!

The Caernarvon Action X is our final Advent Calendar offer. Protected by a strong turret reinforced by spaced armour, the gun of this British Heavy fires as fast as rain falls on the United Kingdom! Although its alpha damage might look unimpressive, the Caernavon Action combines the accuracy of the Tiger II with a great penetration, a useful gun depression and high-velocity shells. These make it very dangerous on the battlefield, and particularly on the top of a hill, as mentioned in our guide. Add this quick-firing Brit’ and its awesome unicorn style to your garage now, you only have until 2 January at 06:00 CEST (UTC+1)!

17 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: Day 24

  1. Wow. The way only good thing on the advent calendar was that you could purchase the tanks die gold. But selling the tanks obly in bundles and not giving us a new tank von the 24th, but instead one (Kind of) in gambling boxes. What else to say.

  2. What a disappointing advent calendar, most, if not all of the good tanks were in those cancerous lootboxes…
    Oh well, I hope it’ll be better next year.

    1. I would be better if there would be no leaks. Guess they decided not to release the new stuff now.

  3. I got this tank from the mission a few months ago, I can say you : don’t buy it! A heavy tank at tier 8 needs a minimum dmg of 300. You can’t play it like a real heavy…. If you think:play the medium way: to slow, to big. This tank is just strong on paper… I got a lot of t8 prems, but this is my worst nightmare.

    1. You just don’t know how to play it.
      This tank along with the regular Caernarvon (the regular one more than this one) are probably some of the best tier 8 tanks right now. The dpm is insane.

      Yes you won’t twoshot a tier 6 or bounce a tier X but that’s not what you’re supposed to do. You need to stay in support, hidden or hulled down but somewhere where the gun depression is used, and use the dpm t

      1. To permatrack and kill your opponents faster than any other tank.

        And fuck swiftkey which likes to disappear randomly and make me press buttons.

  4. Bring CASH ONLY. Real cash. Last advent tank not for sale for in game currency gold. You aren’t going to give us that shit currency, we know its value, 0, ZERO!.

    A bit rough if EBR will be released into store in next few days in expensive packages, also for cold hard CASH ONLY!.

    1. If Pankov didn’t lie, they still have a lot of testing to do for armored cars. I hope it’s a couple of months at least before we see EBR on sale.

      1. This.

        Hopefully they do not release it anytime soon. Right now the tank is badly broken and not in an OP way.

        It’s fast, but only 10km/h faster than regular LTs, and the price for that little speed bump is getting tier 2 view range.
        This tank cannot be a scout because it can’t spot without being spotted. It can’t be an assassin because it’s gun doesn’t do enough damage. It can’t be a sniper because not accurate enough and not enough pen.
        All it does is roll around aimlessly. It’s probably a ton of fun but overall a massive disadvantage for its team that sacrifices the spot for a real scout.

        It needs a view range buff otherwise it’ll be underpowered and they can’t buff anything else without making it too good.

        1. I too would like to see a couple changes before EBR goes live, but even if what we saw so far is the final product I’d buy it in a flash, even though objectively it’s just a different BatChat 12t (looking at the glass half full, at least EBR can run food and still make some decent credits :p).

          As for Caernarvon AX, bad move by WG to not allow people to buy it with gold but overall it’s not a tank I’d want in my garage, the 20pdr is a joke for a HT gun.

  5. I’ll buy this, good tank, 7600 gold is nothing.


    Edit: LUL unable to do it, doesn’t work in the client. And no special missions for christmas eve, what a bummer.

  6. WG classic.
    -Yuri, put that english tanki on 24th of december…wait wait . make it so only real money can buy it
    -but Sergei, it is not fair
    -Yuri, s..a , put it now davay davay
    -and bring me my vodka..

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