Steel Monsters Campaign – Full List of Contents

Sadly, in the premium shop where players purchase this campaign, it does not describe the contents at all. Thus here I have compiled a list of all the contents of the campaign rewards, to help you all decide whether or not the Campaign is worth its asking price of $55.91 USD/$75.59 CAD to you.

Inside the Campaign is 5 Missions, with 5 sub missions each. Upon purchasing this campaign, the player has 180 days to complete it from the day of purchase. If a player purchases the campaign more then once, this will add the campaign’s availability time together. (180 days per purchase) Which can be accomplished by buying the campaign and then buying a Prinz Eitel Friedrich package that includes the campaign.

The rewards for purchasing the campaign all missions added together are as follows:
4,000x Steel
2,019 Doubloons (Included alongside the purchase of the campaign, not earned within it)
20x New Year Streamer Camo
10x New Year 2017 Camo
10x Type 3 – New Year Camo
10x Frosty Fir Tree Camo
3x Spreing Sky Camo
3x Mosaic Camo
3x Asian Lantern Camo
10x Sierra Mike Flags
10x India Delta Flags
10x India Yankee Flags
10x Juliet Charlie Flags
10x November Foxtrot
10x Victor Lima Flags
10x Mike Yankee Soxisix Flags
10x November Echo Setteseven
4x Big Santa Container
1x Mega Santa Container
28 Days Warship Premium Account

If you wish to see all the campaign’s missions, you can view them here:


~IGN: Shipmaster_Crook [NA]

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  1. Just sell steel dammit. They’re already pretty much selling OP Premiums by making people convert freexp for Missouri and shit, why is that so hard? Don’t they want my valuable shekels?

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