Wargaming Fest: Ammo, Swedish MTs and Frontline


16 thoughts on “Wargaming Fest: Ammo, Swedish MTs and Frontline

        1. Sure but it still will be a prominent feature even with less dpm. If it becomes reality.

          One can expect immense crying from certain clans who’s entire purpose is to spam gold, i.e Dingers. I look forward to see their reactions.

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        2. How often do you get hit by HE shells that’s not an arty or derpgun’s shot?
          I’m asking because I feel like after the rework ‘gold’ shells should be used as often as HE: to finish off low-health opponents.


          1. Many players (mostly red) use HE, and spams it a lot. I see it very often, as much as gold ammo tbh. But then they do have an avg damage and hitrate so low it’s embarrassing,


            1. In my experience HE is only used against me if the shooter is either a derpgunner, arty or someone who was preparing to kill a low-HP target but I suddenly appeared and he had to shoot. What sort of tanks do you drive to get this much HE spam you explained?


  1. Excited about the ammo changes, but that doesn’t really solve the problem of some superheavies. I guess we’ll see. I wonder if we’ll get a Sandbox test period this time. On a final note, I think that the return of frontline is their final chance for this game.


      1. Very true, all these bullshit tier 10 without any weakspots will be everywhere and more annoying. Funny thing is, they know that tier 8 will be FUBAR with these changes because of all those stupid premiums that they can’t (can they?) nerf, and that’s why they release Frontline every month, which albeit tons of fun, really demonstrates how stupidly better some of these premiums are compared to tech tree tanks. But gold spammers crying because they can’t artificially inflate some stats thinking they’re good players (they’re not) is music to my ears.


  2. LOL LOL LOL “We noticed you complain about our ranked system and said its too difficult”
    “We split it in 4 Parts so you need to play 4x times more to reach gold rank” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL LOL


  3. My take is that premium ammo’s purpose used to be this thing that was hardly even used because it was hardly needed. Even the tanks with great armor had frontal weakspots that lower tiers could pen with standard shells if only they hit. But once in a while a bottom tier tank used his gold shells because he had no choice.

    Now, armor is much more prevalent and these weakspots are much less common. In face-to-face corridor brawls, frankly there is no alternative but to spam gold. And that’s a lose-lose situation. If gold spam actually works, then not only is it P2W, it invalidates armor. And if it doesn’t work, then the engagement is pointless to begin with.

    For now, the lesser of the two evils is to reduce premium shell alpha, but to also lower its cost. Even if we take this new possibility to its extreme where the premium shell is treated as the new standard shell by everyone, the loss of alpha does still make this a buff for well-armored tanks. But stage two of the plan is to return frontal weakspots to being as common and as vulnerable as they used to be. Not needing the premium shell in the first place is the end goal.


    1. Exactly, all these new 0-weakspot-wonders need to be rebalanced. Starting from tier10, then 9 and then 8. And 8 is full of premiums. I don’t think they can touch those. Also, I think up until tier6 the MM should be a one-tier-spread, being bottom tier is very painful.


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