Wargaming Fest: 2018 Recap and Matchmaker


6 thoughts on “Wargaming Fest: 2018 Recap and Matchmaker

  1. I think It was on 21.02 or 22.02.2018 where Big Russian Youtube CCs meet together in a Live Q&A with Anton Pankov and another main Dev. They mentioned nerfing M44 and M12 because the players said they are op and they agreed that their data shows the same image.

    Its 16.12.2018 now, no nerf happend. That’s how much you can trust what WG tells you.


  2. Nothing will change in the Template MM as long as that shit 3-5-7 is around
    ~ WG don’t count that the 3 top tier Vehicles in 3-5-5 MM can be good to excellent in 1 team / and poor to average in the other team

    Until Wargame realise that THAT is fucking up there game WOT nothing will improve

    ((I’m of the opinion that WG know this .. and have for years .. and like it that way it works to perfection giving fast 4 min turbo slaughter battles >> Garage > buy Gold > Credit card
    so really its all about the hard money cash €€€


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