WOT Important News: 2019 Preview

In 2018, we continued our efforts to improve matchmaking and Grand Battles, while adding new vehicles, nations, challenges and other breathtaking game events. We also celebrated the 10th anniversary of the idea of World of Tanks and won our fourth Golden Joystick Award by taking home the Still Playing category for the second year in a row. We’re already hard at work making great plans for the future, which we’re ready to share with you!

In 2019, we’re going to:

  • Solve some substantial issues with the matchmaker
  • Bring back the Frontline mode
  • Introduce Swedish medium tanks alongside other new vehicles
  • Make clans more accessible
  • And much more!

Premium Ammo Rebalancing

Premium ammo has always been one of the hottest topics in World of Tanks and over the upcoming year, we’ll make a key revision to the entire mechanic.

Current Situation

Earlier this year we took the first step towards rebalancing Premium ammo by removing the ability to purchase ammo and consumables for Gold. Therefore, the terms “Premium ammo” or “gold ammo” are no longer appropriate – let’s call them collectively special ammo.

We’ve been waiting for the amount of “special ammo” in World of Tanks to decrease and for players to adjust to the new concept. Just to be clear, let’s start off with the key reasons for rebalancing.

  • Players choose their ammunition based on what’s happening on the battlefield. When it comes to high explosive shells, these tactics are justified. We all know that these shells are almost always guaranteed to cause damage, but this damage is usually much less than the damage dealt with standard shells. Basically, HE shells are used to fire on unarmored vehicles, for inflicting maximum damage per shot, or for targets that have few hit points left. In any game situation, the pros and cons of these shells are clear to everyone. Therefore, it’s obvious that constantly using HE shells, while you have standard shells, is simply ineffective.
  • When a player has to choose between standard shells and “special ammo”, they focus only on armor penetration. Types of ammunition differ in characteristics, for example, shell velocity, but the key factor for most players is still armor penetration. Using “special ammo”, most notably APCR or HEAT, you get an advantage just by spending more Credits.

What Do We Want to Do?

Our top priority is to help players choose their ammunition loadout more consciously. We want players to evaluate the advantages of different shells and take into account the consequences of their choice.

It’s extremely important that, above all, the new system suits you, our players. That’s why we’ve decided to try the solution that you actively offered in your feedback on our forum.

NOTE: We’ll reduce the damage output of “special ammo” by 25-30%, depending on the average damage of the shell, while their penetration will remain unchanged. The percentage of damage reduction will depend on the amount of damage per shot.  The more damage per shot, the greater the percentage of reduction.

As a result, we are going to implement the following mechanics:

  • Standard AP shells are now the most attractive in terms of cost and damage. They have high damage per shot and they are cheap, but it’s harder to hit armored vehicles when using these shells.
  • “Special ammo” is good for firing on armored vehicles, because of a higher chance to penetrate. But they come at a high cost and have a lower damage per shot (by 25-30%) than the standard shells.
  • High explosive shells make it possible to inflict damage with a greater probability, regardless of whether the vehicle is armored or not. They are effective against poorly armored vehicles but have low armor penetration, cannot pierce obstacles, have the lowest damage per shot in case of non-penetration and often, the lowest velocity.

What’s Next?

We’ve put a lot of work into these improvements and we’re excited to hear what you think. Your input is crucial as we continue the rebalancing process of “special ammo”. If the feedback we receive on our proposed solution is positive, we’ll release it for testing and analyze how it affects the current gameplay.

If all the testing steps go as planned, we will then try to adjust the cost of all shells, depending on their effectiveness and how often they are chosen.

We are well aware that these changes will significantly affect some tanks. Don’t worry, all vehicles will be evaluated individually, on a case-by-case basis!

In some cases it will be necessary to change the cost ratio or the characteristics of a vehicle, but it will be too impractical to look for a “one-size-fits-all” answer. The decision to implement this mechanic has not yet been made! We would like to analyze your feedback, so feel free to leave all your thoughts and concerns on the forum.


A few months ago, we outlined that 2019 would be a big year for the matchmaker so prepare for big changes coming over the next twelve months. We’re all aware of the existing issues, so let us begin with a brief overview.

Evolution of Change

The matchmaker’s main objective has always been getting players into battle as quickly as possible. Ever since 2010, the various versions have valued speed as the top priority.

As a result, we encountered the following key challenges:

  • So-called “fail Platoons”, which consist of vehicles that differ by more than three tiers (most often it was top tiers + low tiers in a single Platoon)
  • A large number of SPGs in teams (up to 8)
  • Teams were getting matched in such a way that there were very few opponents of your Tier in battle. For example, there could be 13 Tier Xs but only 2 Tier VIIIs vehicles on your team.

In 2017, Update 9.18 was designed to solve these issues and brought with it a template system that we’re all aware of. These templates (the main ones being 3-5-7 and 5-10) are still in use today.

The templates bear strict rules: there should not be more tanks at the top than in the middle, and no more in the middle than at the bottom. Thanks to the templates, in each battle, players had a sufficient number of enemy tanks with which they could compete on an equal footing. Even playing at the bottom of the list, you always have the same number of tanks of your tier in the opposing team.

New Update, New Challenges

After the introduction of the template system, the battles became more acceptable. On the other hand, we’ve faced new serious burdens and challenges:

  1. Players rarely get matched with vehicles of their tier and 1 or 2 tiers lower, and mostly they play with higher tier tanks. In other words, you often get to the bottom of the list. This is especially true for Tier VI and VIII vehicles.
  2. Players with preferential Premium vehicles play most of their battles in the 5-10 template with higher tier tanks, and rarely get matched with vehicles of lower Tiers. As a result, this greatly smooths out the benefits of preferential matchmaking.

The templates in the current matchmaker architecture are strict, so they cannot quickly adapt to the queue evolution, creating these issues. In other words, the matchmaker cannot analyze the queue and has no tools for operating with it dynamically.

What Will Happen Next?

We are working on fundamentally new tools with which the rules for assembling battles can quickly adapt to the queue and to a specific game situation. We also assumed that the enjoyment of battles was more important than the queuing time. Waiting for a battle may take a little longer, but the teams need to be better balanced.

In the future:

  • Templates will become more flexible, depending on the current situation in the queue
  • In addition to the classic 3-5-7 and 5-10, new templates may appear in order to help sort the queue
  • For a two-tier battle, there may be 6-9 and 7-8
  • For a three-tier battle, there may be 4-5-6 and even 5-5-5.

Templates may also appear with a larger number of tanks in the top than in the bottom for two-tier battles. This mainly concerns the 8-7 template for two-tier battles.

Put simply, we would like players to be top of the list more often.

Your Feedback = Our Success

There’s a lot in the works, and even more on the way for the new matchmaker in 2019. The technical part of the architecture is almost ready and is currently being tweaked and tested. If we are satisfied with the outcome, we’re planning to launch an updated matchmaker on the main servers in all regions and we’ll be carefully analyzing the effect of these changes.

We’re excited to hear what you think about all these tweaks, please post your general feedback in the special thread on our forum. Gradually, step by step, we’re going to improve matchmaking and make World of Tanks even more enjoyable. 

The Return of Frontline

Frontline is coming back, kicking off in the first quarter of 2019!

Frontline has received a slight revamp as we want to solve a fairly clear yet challenging issue. We would like to keep the old friendly and relaxing atmosphere, where you can play just for fun, but at the same time give you the opportunity to fulfill interesting medium- and long-term goals to keep you engaged. Most importantly, Frontline will not be a short-term event, but a whole series of events throughout the year, with heaps of rewards and other bonuses.

The core gameplay of Frontline will remain unchanged. You receive ranks and points for good performance in combat and these points can be used to boost your level. Once you have reached a certain level, you start earning rewards (credits, consumables etc.). There are 30 levels and once you reach the top, you can Prestige, which will reset your progress and you can start earning rewards again.

We’ve added more to the Frontline formula, let’s take a look:

  1. Frontline kicks off every calendar month and will be available for a week. Your journey through the event will last a week every month and 10 weeks in total.
  2. There are now more Prestige levels. We’ve increased the number of Prestige levels from three to 10. Prestige level availability will be added gradually with each Frontline week. There will be no strict timeframe for reaching the Prestige. However, you can make some progress and get ahead by 2 Prestige levels in a week. For example, in the second week you can reach Prestige level 4. And when the 8th week of the event starts, you can complete all 10 Prestige levels.
  3. In addition to the basic rewards, players will be rewarded with special points for reaching a Prestige level. Use these points to purchase special reward vehicles. The availability of these special tanks will be added gradually, as you reach certain Prestige levels.

XP and Credit earn rates will remain the same in next year’s Frontline. Repair and shell costs won’t change either.

Vehicle Rebalancing

This year we’ve been actively working on vehicle rebalancing, adding new tanks, and removing some old ones. Now we’re ready to take the next step.

We’re going to improve the vehicles that will be most affected by the rebalancing of “special ammo”. We’ll also focus on vehicles with poor efficiency and overhaul some overpowered tanks to revise their characteristics.

The following vehicles will be rebalanced first:

  • E 100
  • IS-4
  • Leopard 1
  • STB-1
  • Kranvagn

We’re also looking at rebalancing mid-tier vehicles. The list provided is not complete and it’s possible that other tanks will be added to it. We’re happy to hear your feedback, so feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions.


New Vehicles

At this point we have no concrete plans for a new nation, but the dev team has discussed the possibility of adding a new nation.

At the end of 2016, we released two Swedish tech trees simultaneously, now it’s time to add some new vehicles to the nation! Get ready for the arrival of Swedish Medium tanks next year.

Swedish Medium tanks are maneuverable vehicles with fast-firing, accurate guns. But what will really set them apart is the option to switch into Siege Mode – a feature you’ve already seen in the Swedish tank destroyers.

It’s too early to unveil how many vehicles will appear in the new branch and at what tier they will start. At the very least, we can say that we are carefully evaluating candidates and all vehicles will be entirely historical.

We‘re also experimenting with mechanic settings for new Swedish tanks because we’d like to make the switch to Siege Mode automatic. As soon as we completely configure the branch and refine the mechanic, we’ll share new information with you.

New Mechanics

In the near future we want to experiment with new quality mechanics. It’s too early to showcase any concept as we’re still working on them and we will continue our efforts during 2019. So just be patient, we are going to lift the veil of secrecy in the future!

Ranked Battles

In 2019, a new series of Ranked Battles will begin and promises to be quite different from earlier versions!

Thanks to your feedback we’ve decided to fix several key issues. Previously, a casual player had to push themselves to the limits to reach Rank 15. At the same time, top players could reach the max rank quickly and, and felt 15 Ranks were not enough for them.

In order to find a solution that would be the best fit for the majority of players, we decided to rework the entire Ranking mechanic and break it into 4 divisions. Each division involves 15 Ranks. Of course, we reduced the number of chevrons you need to reach Rank 15, so don’t worry – you don’t have to work 4 times harder!

New Paradigm

The first division is Qualification. In this division, you start off with a clean slate. When you reach Rank 15, you end up in the next division, Bronze.

And this is where the fun begins! Depending on how well you performed in the Qualification division, chevrons in the Bronze division will be easier or harder to earn.

In the Silver division all the mechanics will be similar. If you have proven yourself in previous division, you will earn more chevrons.

The ultimate division is Gold – and it’s the most challenging one! Only the best of the best will be able to reach the top.

You cannot drop out of a division into a lower one!

Updating the Mechanics

Another key issue that we are trying to resolve is the distribution of experience in battles. In the upcoming season, we’re retiring the mechanic where players earn experience through their battle activities. Many players noticed that it was easier to earn active battle experience when rolling out in heavy tanks. This mechanic will be replaced by a new system that redistributes experience in a way that captures the essence and philosophy of Ranked Battles.

These are far from the only changes in Ranked Battles, but perhaps the most interesting.

Clan Wars

In January 2019, in an upcoming event for players in сlans a new British reward tank will be introduced: the T95/FV4201 Chieftain, a heavy Tier X vehicle with a tough turret and a good combination of alpha damage and DPM.

The Bonds Shop

This year we completely reworked the in-game shop. Players now have the opportunity to purchase items, equipment and directions for Bonds and in 2019, we want to add the ability to purchase tanks for Bonds.

We’re planning to put vehicles on sale that are not currently available in the Premium Shop, but are present in the game. These tanks include gift tanks and vehicles that have been removed from the tech tree but are still owned by players.

At the moment we’re compiling a list of vehicles that may be purchased for Bonds. We can definitely say that these will be tanks of various tiers.

We’ll individually evaluate each vehicle and choose a fair price for it depending on its uniqueness. As a result, a Tier X vehicle may cost less than a Tier VIII tank, and it’s possible that some very rare collectible vehicles will be offered for Bonds in the future.

On the Horizon

We plan to add vehicles to the Bonds shop in two rounds. The first lot will appear in the spring of 2019 and will include more affordable vehicles. The second one will contain more exclusive tanks and will go on sale in the second half of 2019.

In addition, we’re discussing the possibility of adding other goodies and specials to the Bonds shop. We also plan to gradually increase the sources of Bonds in the game so.

Premium Account

2019 will bring a truly fundamental change to Premium Account. The current version of the Premium Account has been around for more than eight years and some of its features are no longer as important for players as they used to be. For example, Personal Reserves offer similar and sometimes even better bonuses, so the appeal of the Premium Account has lessened.

Increasing Profit & Convenience

We’re still working on nailing down the specifics, but our ultimate goal is to make Premium Account more profitable and, most importantly, more convenient for everyone. Perhaps the updated Premium Account will provide players with some additional opportunities. Following your feedback, we will see what the future holds.

But don’t expect the Premium Account concept to be revised quickly. Our plans call for a comprehensive approach to this issue, which requires a lot of time and attention. The whole scope of potential changes is still under active development, so stay tuned for more news!

Customization Styles

This year we have released many cool customization styles, let us refresh your memory:

  • “Winged Hussar” for 50TP
  • “Fear Naught” for Caernarvon Action X
  • And, of course, our two exclusive Warhammer 40,000 styles: the “Valhallan Ragnarok” for the KV-2 (R) and “Mordian” for the BDR G1 B.

In fact, we got brand-new vehicles with completely new graphic details on their armor. In the “Holiday Ops” event, we introduced new 3D styles for 4 tanks.

  • The T57 Heavy has been styled to look like the tanks that took part in the Vietnam War.
  • The Bat.-Châtillon 25 t looks like it took part in military actions in Algeria, that is why you can see traditional ornaments on its hull.
  • The Grille 15 features a loadout from an alternative history where German tanks have been equipped with protection against phosphorus bombs and anti-grenade nets.
  • The IS-7 has been upgraded to survive nuclear war with new hatches, screens over the suspension and other additions.

Next year we will continue to work on customization and development of new unique 3D styles. We are sure that many tanks will pleasantly surprise you!

Tank Race

But wait, there’s more! A very special treat awaits you in 2019 … an incredible Tank Race! More information on that later, follow the upcoming news!

On behalf of the whole World of Tanks team, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to every one of you. Thank you for your loyalty and patience, for your feedback and passion. This is your game as much as it is ours, and we’re looking forward to shaping the future together.
Source: EU Portal

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  1. This look like a damage control party than anything. Judging from their lack of interest in 2018, i don’t believe this article to be in good faith. The lootbox + premium op festa was the last straw.

    1. They’ll buff Leo 1 big time, 420 m view range instead of 410!

      German tank buffs LUL LUL

      E-100 will get 5 mm more of turret armor.

  2. This sounds all nice and wonderful. But we’ve heard this same speech over and over again over the years.

    1. Actually no, we haven’t. I read in WoT Express all the things WG wants to do in 2019, it’s pretty much everything what people wanted. We’ll se how long it will take ghrm to implement everything but I’m actually optimistic for once.

      1. We’ll see, WG has zero credibility, which they’ve brought on themselves.

        Probably the least trustworthy company I’ve experiencd in games.

        1. Nah, I think this time they’ll have to hold on to their word, too many eyes are on them right now. I’m cautiously optimistic.

  3. To sum it up : everything will be fixed and they will stop selling op broken tanks,this is as much important as there is a bike falling in china.

  4. The premium ammo rework is a massive buff to super heavies and/or stuff like Obj 268v4 and T110E3. Unless they rebalance these tanks as well, I am very sceptical of this change.

    Also, where is my T110E5 buff?

    1. not really…just think a bit
      in present, if you are not a p2w player and dont use p2w ammo, you have exactly 0 chances against some tanks..so youre doing exactly nothing against them.
      with this chance ALL players will be able to do something, yes p2w ones will do LESS due to less damage, but ALL others will gain this chance to do something.
      Thats just balanced overall.

      You want to negate armor with OP pen?? Ok, then i want to negate your DPM – nothing wrong. A fair exchange and most important, like i said, ALL players will be able to use this not only premium ones.

      1. Problem is that you will still have 0 chances against heavy armored tanks. And there will be much more of them because the meta will change to heavy armor (it could even reinforce itself because more armor makes lightly armored tanks less atractive due to 25-30% DPM decrease resulting in even more heavy armor). Which in effect makes you able to pen even less tanks if you are free to play or makes you need to spam more “special ammo”.

  5. “That’s why we’ve decided to try the solution that you actively offered in your feedback on our forum.”

    “We’ve put a lot of work into these improvements and we’re excited to hear what you think.”

    copy/paste ; A lot of work indeed.

    Also this whole spiel sounds a bit hollow as some fool opens a pile of digital boxes to get IS-3A/Defender/Skorpion/E25/leFH…..

    I have huge hopes and Planck length expectations.

  6. All of you brainless 80 IQ nabs need to stop crying about gold ammo. It is fine as it is. Go play some other games like Solitaire.

    1. I look forward to watch WB play without his beloved XVM LOL LOL LOL

      …and see his gold addiction suffer when they nerf or remove gold ammo!!!

  7. Having tier 8 tank , my only hope to pen any premium new tanks or tier 9 or 10 is APCR so if they reduce the damage then I need more of them so I will spend more for it . As it is the only to stay alive and get some kills then where is the improvement ? Also when I will have not 3 but 4 or 5 tier 9 or t 10 infront of me then where is the improvement ? Putting huge amount of great premium tanks in the game and then say that some tanks need buff and we may buy tier X tanks for bonds then the game is now fully P2W . Is it the Q B and others WOT response ? Pretty bad news to me .

    1. It is bad news for gold spammers true but you have valid points. OP tanks will more OP with nerfed premium ammo. I think they will just mess things up and make more people quit the game. Think of all the Dingers lol

  8. Pretty depressing there’s no mention about arty nerfs or reduction from 3.


  9. only other thing i hoped for was a global armour rebalance, as people mstly fire premium because they know they dont pen with standard. only a small portion is firing prem as standard

  10. Gold ammo will still be the best ammo for most situations

    2 300 damage shots that are guaranteed to pen are better than 2 400 damage shots that have 50% chance to not pen

  11. I would just repost my post from WoT EU forums, but I’ll still try to explain my thoughts:
    1) “Special” ammo rework – I sense it will fail and it’s not the solution, since it will make Heavy tanks (and especially Superheavies such as Type 5 Heavy) quite OP because they will last even longer since they will take less damage from “special” shells. Plus it won’t fix the other thing – the “Special” ammo spam, as in full loadouts of that. And what is better – 20 shells of “Standard” ammo with 60% chance of penetrating, or 20 more expensive shells of “special” ammo with 85% chance of penetrating? (Disclaimer: chance percentages are random here) IMO an “special” ammo limit of 20% of total ammo (and adjust accordingly to every tank, take this as a base percentage) would be a better solution – spam would be heavily decreased.
    2) MM – good that they’re making something but I sense this one will backfire. Especially in a 5/5/5 match – now you’ll have 10 higher tier tanks to fight against in a bottom tier.
    3) Frontline – nice, but a week every month? Aww. At least 2 weeks would’ve been nice…
    4) Rebalancing – seriously needed, except I hope this one won’t flop and tanks will be buffed or nerfed considering they also have to play against tanks up to 2 tiers below and up to 2 tiers above.
    5) New vehicles – always nice to have.
    6) Ranked Battles – can’t comment much. I tried playing it back before with a FV215b Heavy – dear god that was awful. (I guess I could’ve played the S. Conqueror… but then again, these are the only 2 TX I have, so you can probably understand my skill level at this game, which is POOR even though I’m trying my best)
    7) Clan Wars – no comment on that at all – never was interested in clan battles anyway. I prefer my games Solo.
    8) Bonds Shop – I’m okay with that. From what I understood of WG Fest EN stream, we should be able to buy recent “special tanks” such as the AMX TX TD, the Deathstar (FV215b 183) and the FV215b Heavy itself. That’s nice. I just wonder how many bonds will that cost… 10k? 20k?
    9) Premium Account – changes are welcome, although I’d prefer it to be “X number of battles” instead of “X number of days”.
    10) Customization – nice, but couldn’t give 2 *bleeps* about that.
    11) Other – regarding the mini-video, if we will get all that, that would be really nice.

    Sorry for the long message. I really want this game to get better again, but after all WG has done… I guess there’s hope, at least.

  12. the “gold” ammo nerf is a similar idea to the one that one of the lead developers mentioned 2 or 3 years ago, however it seems he was assigned a different job outside the WoT development, his idea however was more detailed since it was intended that both “premium” and standard rounds would be changed based on how their type works IRL, well, at least they kep the part of “gold” ammo doing less damage

  13. If the gold ammo change comes and they don’t fuck up, i’ll start playing again.
    Sad however it took them so many years.

  14. Hang on, I just bought several premium tanks based on the advertised specifications. If they had advertised that the premium rounds would do 30% less I would not have bough them.

    Legal problems down the road for Wargaming if they change the ammo. I know a lot of people like to think of this game as a hobby, but once money is exchanged, it then becomes a business and is subject to consumer law, and all rights and guarantees included

  15. Just more of the same old as we hear every year that later becomes … nothing much at all
    WG developers should be or maybe they are Politicians smile while you lie your ass off

    Frontline will/ could save WOT from ALL of its many problems ((especially the year on year declining player base in NA and the EU servers
    Frontline was best most popular thing ever for only 1 reason +-0 MM zero Tier 9 or Tier 10 battles EVER

    But no,,, Frontline will only be a ‘rewarding mission oriented’ 1 week a month only feature???????

    Match Making don’t believe a word and remember patience please its ‘next upcoming 12 months to fix’ so YET another year to fix the MM yeah I know … so fuck all again really then

    Ammo Gold balancing
    so a Jap super Heavy and all the other new Super Heavy Vehicles still get to derp/ shoot the fuck out of Mediums and etc .. WHILE you still bounce of there 200mm+ armour with regular AP shells

    Wargame are full of hot air and shit cannot ever trust a word they say my opinion

  16. The prem ammo rebalance is cool, but only if they rebalance the retardproof heavies and TD’s with it. Reintroduce weakspots, like weaker lowerplates, cheeks and cupolas. Weakspots of heavy tanks have to be penetrable by bottomtier tanks. That would reward knowledge and skill.

    They don’t have to make it easy, they just have to make it possible. On the other side it also rewards skill. If you know how to hide your weakpoints or how to angle your armor, you still can bounce most rounds. I like how the Löwe is balanced. If you can angle and hide your lowerplate, that thing is awesome (except for dpm). But if you don’t know how to handle that tank, it’s easily beatable by even tier VI’s.

    It would also set the standard for balancing. Any tank has to be balanced against the highest tier it can meet. For example: Tier VIII tanks have to be balanced against tier X tanks. They should all have a chance of damaging toptier vehicles through weakspots, and the gap in HP and DPM should be made smaller. This creates longer lasting games that are fair for all players.

    Make it that prem ammo has not more than 25% pen than the standard rounds and give it 25% less damage. That would make it fair. The situation on the T-54 is retarded (200 mm standard vs 330 mm gold). Things like that should not be possible, because lower standard pen is a balancing factor for the already almighty T-54.

  17. “Tier VIII tanks have to be balanced against tier X tanks. They should all have a chance of damaging top tier vehicles through weakspots.” This! Having to play a tier 8 premium tank in order to earn silver in order to fire “special ammo” in order to have a chance to pen heavies and higher tier tanks is generally not a good combination for fun.

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