Second Update: Santa brings you credits

As I wrote last year, you can get a nice amount of credits (if you’ve researched most nations, or even better if you are a Senior Technical Engineer) by buying and selling discounted tanks you don’t need. A wise reminder by QuickyBaby, you can keep some of these for the upcoming wheeled vehicles or unresearched tech trees. Last year TAP reader Quaksen, posted this list which gives us some idea about the possible profits.

Therealisnes, checked this list and confirmed that these are the best vehicles to buy (most expensive). Thanks bro, my lazy ass just wasn’t up to this task 🙁

Quaksen, corrected my mistake of calling this list an erroneous one, since I actualy used the corrected version he made last year! Sorry Quaksen, my bad 🙁

Quaksen wrote in comments last year:

The highest value tanks are:
Tier II: France, H35 (4.200)
Tier III: USSR, SU-26 (53.000)
Tier IV: France, B1 (185.000)
Tier V: Japan, O-I Exp. (445.000)
Tier VI: USA, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo (975.000)
Tier VII: Japan, O-Ni (1.490.000)
Tier II-V: 343.600
Tier VI: 292.500
Tier VII: 149.000
Total profit: 785.100