Coming to the Supertest Soon: Minsk, Rebalanced

Greetings Tankers, 

We will soon start the closed test for a new version of the Minsk map. The second iteration is smaller in size (900×900 meters) with the main area of action relocated.

The changes are intended to increase the importance of spotting and make play in the open part of the map more of engaging for mobile vehicles. There will also be a significant reduction in the number of destructible objects, meaning the space will be more open for the exchange of fire between players.

The Shorter distance will contribute to coordinated movements by the team in a unified direction, creating more tactical options, further adding more variety to battles. The city blocks on this stage of testing are far from being final with further adjustments based on test results.

0 thoughts on “Coming to the Supertest Soon: Minsk, Rebalanced

  1. I cant see any inprovments in this new version. I would bet that the southern team will most likely dominate the town most of the time and lock up the west side to their base. Will be hard for the northern team to win this.

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