Let’s buy IS-3A


15 thoughts on “Let’s buy IS-3A

  1. Hey guys, I was thinking of making a Berserker barb with shield. Is the mana management difficult? Do I need to jug mana pots non-stop?


    1. They don’t care, this makes them more money than releasing balanced tanks.

      Simple logic.

      OP prem tank release = tons of money, especially a Russian one, game is 75% russian players, and i’m guessing they account for 75% of revenue as well.

      There will be more new OP premium tanks – especially russian ones (and more OP russian tech tree tanks) added in 2k19, mark my words.

      Same thing has happened in 2017 and 2018.

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    2. Its more of a situation where they know its broken but they also understand that WoT is in a state where it can’t be fixed. All of that leads into them milking the game for all its worth until the remaining core playerbase just up and leaves.


  2. The advertisement is rolling, even betten than the WG marketing department could dream about.

    All this is just in favour of WG and they will like when the loot boxes can’t be generated even fast enough by the game code / server. 😉


  3. WG Can you make to pay for a gun and mount it to a tank …? +-3 tiers ? like we should pay … 30 EUR/ 183 mm L4 and mount it to defender ?…. this will simplify the creation part …. you can pay and mount the gun on your tanks; as germans were doing over the war…. adapt ….


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