0 thoughts on “ISU-122 on the move

        1. Different preferences sure, we all have those. My point was why waste time on a dying game. Btw I know your regular nick here so you can drop the bulls**t.

          1. Everybody who read my comment knows my nick. It’s right above the date it was posted. Why do you care on what other people are speding their time?

            1. You are just the latest impersonation. Its simple; why ppl spend their time on the nonsensical. Like you in your poor trolling attempt lol

          2. Except it’s not dying… Queue times for Tank RB are maybe double the ones in WoT. And Realistic is a totally different game. I enjoy it, especially because the pay-to-win component is at a very low level, unlike WoT (98% pay-to-win).

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