28 November Micropatch + claim your rewards!

In case you were wondering what was in the recent micropatch:

  • two new mod folders were created: /res_mods/ and /mods/ .
  • Added gifts on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of World of Tanks;
  • Some technical problems have been fixed.

  https://i2.wp.com/rykoszet.info/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/ussr-R159_SU_130PM.png?w=656 SU-130PM (TD-8, USSR, premium):


  https://i2.wp.com/rykoszet.info/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/ussr-R160_T_50_2.png?w=656 T-50-2 (LT-6, USSR, special):

  • Price in gold changed to 3,300 ;
  • Rotation speed: 45 48 ° / s;
  • Turret rotation speed: 50.1 54.2 ° / s;
  • Dispersion at maximum speed: 3.68   3.99 ;
  • Dispersion at the maximum vehicle rotation speed: 5.18   5.52 .

After logging into the game you will receive all the promised rewards (check this article to see what you get based on the account creation date).

Good night everyone!

0 thoughts on “28 November Micropatch + claim your rewards!

  1. Not possible to add Vertical stabilaser on T50-2. It’s a bug or new feature? The gun stats already bad and not giving to add v.stab is making this tank more shitty. Type 64 is much more better.

  2. I’m quite disappointed that the T-50-2 doesn’t count as a gift tank but a reward tank so it doesn’t has premium credit income bonus.
    It also has high repair cost, plus low damage per shot make it easy to lose credit even on win.

    1. Just like back then actually. Expensive to repair, low damage per shot… Time of the MM+4 matchmaker for scouts, yup.

      1. You guys get a Tier VI light that nobody else gets and you are still complaining? I didn’t get the tank and I’m by far not as dissapointed as you…

  3. tell me what other tanks except US ones can mount vertical stabilizer on tier 6?its a reward tank….so what????you can still train your crew in it…..its not like tier 6 is the main tier for earning credits(and there are a lot of tier 6s that you can make credits on)…DID YOU EXPECT WG TO LEAVE THIS TANK AS IT WAS BACK IN THE DAY IN TIER 5???……and millions of credits and thousands of bonds that came with it….no one mentions those?……no matter what WG does some people just cant be satisfied

    1. I agree on all points.
      Except if the repair costs are actualy high it’s a steal.
      It’s a tier 6 Light Tank in tve current MM. Not a toptier LT like before. Prices should be adapted to that reality.

    2. >> tell me what other tanks except US ones can mount vertical stabilizer on tier 6?

      You can mount vstabs on all other Tier 6 LT in this game except the new T-50-2.

      >> its a reward tank….so what????

      Why this Tier 6 is not a full premium with premium income? So this tank does not really feel like a reward when you lose credits that easy.

      Either they reduce the repair cost or even give it the premium income to make it a worthful reward.

      1. good point on vertical stabilizers….but tell me:do you run v.stabs on your tier 6 scouts? I run mine with rammer,optics,vents or optics,vents,gun laying drive(depends on the tank) and they work fine
        as for credit income:it was advertised as a reward tank and not a full premium(and not one reward tank has full credit boost)…..and about profitability of T50-2:ill wait for another week or so before I even test drive mine-by that time tier 6 mm will hopefully be restored to its “normal” state

  4. WG gives a Tank for free, up to 5k Bonds and up to 6m Credits. For free. And the Community: REEEE, ITS BAD!!!!!

    Fuck, then sell it and STFU if its not good enough and look for some balls. Fucking crying beta bitches.

  5. The WarGAYming idiots managed to mess up my rewards. I’m a beta tester but they only rewarded me for 7 years of activity. I even got the Sherman beta reward tank…

    Anyway, I just logged in the game to add T-50-2 to the collection. The price of the account should get higher now. Guess I’ll sell it for €1500.

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