0 thoughts on “Cyber Monday 50%

  1. 22 for the T-44-100… Couldn’t resist, since I considered buying it before and the price tag scared me away.

  2. The game is dying so quickly that WG is selling tanks 50% off to milk the last drops of money the players would ever spend on this rotten carcass of a game. They are so desperate that it hurts to see.

  3. Disappointed that it’s another ‘buy me’ type of special, but I’ve been waiting for T-34-3 to go back on sale for a long time, and the price is reasonable.

    1. T-44-100 is an extremely good tank, and imho well worth it at 50% discount (standard price is retarded, it’s as expensive as the Lowe). I’d rather get it and get whatever fun I can out of the game, because if we wait for WG Minsk to solve the many issues of WoT, forget the moon base, we’ll have Gundam-style space colonies by then.

  4. get the T44-100 more then once and youll get extra 12500 Gold + Prem time + 30x X5 ++++
    all for 28 Euros.
    Thats MEGA (BEST Gold / Euro rate ever !!!)

    Or the standard package gives you 12500 Gold per 22 Euro.
    Still very good !

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