A new streaming platform from Wargaming

Wargaming is testing a new streaming platform: wgwatch.ru (currently only available in Russia). The site collects streams from both YouTube and Twitch; after logging in to your Wargaming account you can take part in draws, missions, etc. In exchange you will receive rewards such as gold, premium days, premium tanks and much more.

In the future, there are plans to expand the platform with various events, such as the Battle of Bloggers and tournaments, where prizes will be awarded while watching the streams.



0 thoughts on “A new streaming platform from Wargaming

  1. WG really doesn’t know how to do business. In the past week or two they’ve cancelled TW:A which had a growing playerbase while WoWp was a raging failure and is still running. They then unveil plans of starting a MOBA game which is a impossible genre to get a foothold in since Dota and LoL dominate especially in the e sports scene. Now they want to start a streaming service when Twitch and Youtube are kings in that market? LMFAO

    Just goes to show WG doesn’t know what the fuck they’re doing.

    1. Is not a streaming service…it collects the streamings from twitch and youtube probably using their API, and then using that for missions tournaments and stuff. I actually think this is a good idea to engange with the community.

  2. You didnt read well. And WG is the one with 400M USD revenue. Dont tell them that they dont know how to run a business.

    1. Look up their other failed projects and their involvement with the cyprus bank and then try saying what you said again with an ounce of confidence.

  3. I can`t believe they cancelled TW:A. That game had potential.

    I know I was planning to start playing, once they polished it up a little.

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