1.3 – All New 44 Decals

Pic from wotclue. Click to enlarge.


32 thoughts on “1.3 – All New 44 Decals

      1. @Robopon what he says. Funky decals have been available for ages, and the new style system has been around for what, months? A year? More? I can understand some people would frown at WW2 weapons being painted in pink and light green, but come on this is an arcade videogame, not a hardcore simulator, live and let live ffs. And arguing against cosmetic customization is silly anyway since one can disable them in the settings.

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    1. Wtf? Symbols don’t kill people, lol. I’m guessing that you’re talking about soviet Hammer and Sickle in which case your statement is retarded. Nothing wrong with this one, it’s not banned worldwide unlike a lot of Nazi symbols. Even just a Wehrmacht cross is a very touchy subject especially in post-soviet countries.

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      1. Nothing wrong with this one, it’s not banned worldwide unlike a lot of Nazi symbols.

        Does not make it any better tho. Gulag Archipelago should be required reading IMO.

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        1. Gulag Archipelago is a propagandist garbage. Any type of propaganda is not okay.
          Hammer and Sickle always symbolozed the union of workers and peasants. Yes, Soviets were killing their own people in the name of the “bright future”. And people believed that. USSR sent a man to fucking space, because the country was always more important than people. It kinda always was a thing in russian history even before soviets. USSR killed some (a lot) of its less desireable citizens in Gulags, forced down communism on some countries who didn’t want it and sacrificed well being of its own people to be the best and rule the world. Didn’t really work out, did it?
          What did Nazis doo? Killed millions of people just because they were not arian and “subhuman”? That’s a nice word. Tried to kill even more people, because nazis also wanted to rule the world like soviets? Yeah, pretty much. Not their own people, mostly. Even though the german people suffered too. Also inhuman experiments, tortures, burning down soviet villages with PEOPLE IN THEM, cool stuff. “Duuuuuh soviets were burning their own villages cuz they wunt to make nazis look bad nazis were actually good hyo-hyo-hyo duuuuuuur”, fuck you.
          What I’m saying is that swastika and other nazi symbolism associated with literally the worst thing in the history of mankind, while hammer and sickle is associated with a union, with a dream that can’t be reality, it makes you feel warm inside but also sad. Especially in post-soviet countries who don’t hate their soviet heritage. Who feel warm about german swastika?


          1. Ruskaja sliucha, seems like you dont understand peoples who got represions from soviets and were sended to gulag and died there just like nazis did in camps too. The ussr symbolic for all peoples whos familly was touched is really painful, but you cant understand this. Nazies was the evil, but soviets were the saviors? You must be kiding and didnt read any history book for sure about stalin terror, about what KGB were doing and so on and the horrible was touching peoples more than 5 years. You dont understand that not only several EU countrys jas baned soviets symbolic. So go back to your putin and hide there russian subhuman.

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            1. Where did I say that “Nazis are bad, soviets are good”? I just said that soviets weren’t NEARLY as bad and it’s a fact. And pointed out some key differences in ideologies. Literally few EU countries, just like you’re saying, are banning soviet symbols, nobody else really cares that much, even muricans nowadays. By “several EU countries” you would mean mostly Baltics, Poland and Ukraine, right? You should probably google some info on what unspeakable horrors those countries suffered by the hands of bloody ruskies. Especially Poland and Ukraine, damn, they had so much shit from USSR, totally. You would think, if “history” for you is just a smart word that you can throw at people on the internet while trying to make them look uneducated. And then you went with some classy insults about Putin and “russian subhumans”. How old are you? And is your age higher than your IQ?


              1. Seems like we have a pro-Russian fanatic here. Historical revisionism and Soviet nostalgia typical. You really should post your awkward political views on a forum more suitable. You are embarrassing to be honest…

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              2. Seems like we have a pro-Russian fanatic here. Historical revisionism and Soviet nostalgia typical. You really should post your awkward political views on a forum more suitable. You are embarrassing to be honest…

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              3. “I just said that soviets weren’t NEARLY as bad and it’s a fact.”

                LOL!!!!! Seems someone doesn’t do their research.

                Number of deaths (non war related) by Soviets (Soviet Union and Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic) from 1918-1991 (https://scottmanning.com/content/communist-body-count/) = 61,911,000

                Number of deaths (non war related) by Nazis (https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/documenting-numbers-of-victims-of-the-holocaust-and-nazi-persecution and https://scottmanning.com/content/nazi-body-count/) are between 15,629,900 and 20,000,000 civilians.

                No where near the number by Soviets. Then let’s consider the number when looking at communist countries (https://scottmanning.com/content/communist-body-count/) which is something along the lines of 149,469,610 people. Top honors goes to communist China BTW.

                So, when it comes to killing civilians, nothing beats a repressive controlling government. Nazis and communism represent that type of government. I want to make sure that I come across clear here, I am pointing at the type of government, not at Russia, Russians, Putin, or anything like that.

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                1. “Number of deaths (non war related)”. Well what the fuck does this mean? Natural death of old age? Accident? Illness? In fucking 73 years too. Not very impressive. According to this data Nazis killed around 20 million people is 23 years, which is way more impressive. I mean, Nazis didn’t kill them all obviously, but that’s what this site tells.


                  1. non war related means deaths of civilians not tied to war activities (bombings, etc.). That would be things like gas chamber deaths, executions of civilians, intentional starvation, etc. How hard is it for you to wrap your head around?

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  1. So what is the red flag with two white blobs on it? …also this is not all of the emblems as the claw marks and others in the videos are missing.


        1. It´s funny how anti communist claim to be objective, but at the same time they believe everything told about communism/socialism

          “Huurrrr durrrr NORTH KOREA is against human rights”
          United $tate$ of Amerikkka commits human rights violation the whole time by exploitation of 3rd world countries and being warmongers*

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  2. Ummmm…. color me curious but how are these “new”? I don’t have the game open right now but I could have sworn that there are a number of these that were present in the game before 1.3. I know that the 2 helmet ones are, as well at the WOT (6th row, left column).


  3. > Hammer and Sickle decal

    Such double standards. Imperial Japanese Navy flag in WoWs and swastikas in WoT are a big nono, but pro-Stalin slogans and the historical Soviet icon are perfectly fine.

    Truly, only victors write the history books.

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