WoT Q&A Reddit Livestream is LIVE


At this time will be ending the live AMA, but we will collect the questions that went unanswered and the previous questions that /u/TollhouseFrank collected earlier this year and get as many possible answered by the end of the week.

Thanks for participating, we’ll see you on the battlefield!

Ask your questions there ^


15 thoughts on “WoT Q&A Reddit Livestream is LIVE

  1. Hey Sebastien! Really glad that your readers will have this opportunity to get a chance to interact directly with the Devs! I hope they get their questions answered!

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      1. Looks like they got to your set of questions. I’m currently talking with CabbageMechanic, and he told me that by Friday, I’ll have more questions to share (from prior Q&A gathering I did) – the Devs are planning to answer some of them, plus with the new info the NA team now has, they want to share some of it.

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  2. Q: Any plans to reduce the max number of SPGs permitted per game from the current 2 in Ranked; 3 in Random; 4 in Grand Battles?

    A: We don’t have any intent to do that at the moment. However, we are researching various opportunities, for example at the TVIII Grand Battle Event we’ve launched yesterday the limit is lowered to 3 SPGs per team. We’ll see what that means once the data is analyzed |AB

    What a joke.

    “Data is analyzed” haha

    Alright bro, just like your 268 v4 and 430u data right?

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  3. There were many questions that the Devs didn’t have time to answer today. I will be getting answers for a lot of those plus others from my prior Q&A gathering back in August. I should have those by Friday, according to CabbageMechanic.

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    1. No news is good news? It was sort of addressed – they are working on it now – but they didn’t hint as to what ideas they were trying. If I were in their shoes, I wouldn’t hint either until I had it nailed down to 2 possible systems to try on Sandbox, and let the ‘unwashed masses’ find ways to break both systems so they can refine and figure out which will likely work better.


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