0 thoughts on “HWK 30 comparison with the Spähpanzer Ru 251

    1. Aaand by M41 you mean the M41 Bulldog AMERICAN light?

      Of course not.

      You are talking about the premium abomination known as the “Black Dog”.

      Please stop comparing everything to OP tanks from a past period. WG fucked up on that one, BIG. But they simply won`t be doing that again (at least not any time soon).
      So don`t expect any more premium lights that are as OP as that. Well, maybe that new 432 thing, if that get`s the 100mm gun (but that one`s Russian, so I guess that doesn`t count…)

      1. well, the one thing that just went very … unlucky (to put it mildly) with the prem LTs was the rebalance of the LTs in general. former tier 8s were sent to tier 9, but the prems stayed where they were and still had the same MM and stats.

        That – and that alone – is what makes Blackdog and Type 64 OP. before the rebalance they were good, but not OP in my opinion.

        for the HWK30: I would have better liked the AufklPanther, but this one seems not to come anytime soon.

  1. OP lights ? What are you smoking? They might be “op” in light tank terms, but compared to other tank classes the “op” ones are ok but nothing more. Mediums totally outclass lights these days.

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