8 thoughts on “Rent tanks for 5 $ – special offer on the Asian server

  1. So you pay $5 to try the tank for 7 days, then you can buy it for 85% of its price.

    $5 is 15% of $33.33. So any tank below that price would end up costing more than if you were to buy it right away. All of those tanks are available for gold in-game, and I expect this coupon only works for premium shop, so if you have spare gold it\’s not worth it. And as they are in game, you can test them for free for more than one week on common-test servers.

    So since you can try all of those tanks for free, all of them are powercreeped, and there is no effective discount in the end, I\’d call that a trash offer. I doubt anyone would spend $5 instead of waiting 2-3 weeks to try a tank that isnt a time-limited offer.

    1. Tbh the only really powercreeped tank here is T34. And even with all it’s terrible drawbacks this thing has very high base pen and good alpha + decent turret armor. To farm credits it might be just enough.

  2. this was on NA-Server 1 Month ago, for just 2,34€. Not a bad deal, if you are thinking to buy one of these premiums.

  3. It`s not a bad deal, imo.

    I know I have a number (at least 2) tier 8 prems that wouldn`t have been in my garage if I was able to test them first for a week.

    And yeah, 5 bucks would be a waste there, but like this it`s more like 60 bucks waste.

    They could and should sweeten the deal a little bit though. Maybe some nice boosters you can use with any tank instead of those x5 missions? Some credit ones would probably be the best, and most worthy.

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