0 thoughts on “WoT – Creating music : The sound of Tanks

  1. Soundtrack is hands down the best part of WoT. Which is kinda sad, but I can at least listen to OST on my phone and feel good.

  2. Wot music isn\’t bad, but it is not so good that i want to play the music outside off the game like in c&c series, or the saboteur or unreal tournament or,….

  3. The music is nice, but mostly overdone, overpayed ans overproduced. WG throws money bundles at the wrong places. Someone complained about music? Somebody needed a new in-game shop?

    Polishing the brass on the Titanic, I believe the right expression for this.

    In real life, music rarely gets to the interesting parts while in-game, and mostly a distraction, therefore it gets cancelled fast. Several times because the settings are broken.

    Fix the MM, the arty, the silvergoldspam, and 20 other real problems. Cost will be smaller. I would trade it for the old stupid music.

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