Life’s a beach and then you dive

Gadziorr was going for Caernarvon Action X for free, he had 49 651 xp for last mission , missing only 349 xp but :




20 thoughts on “Life’s a beach and then you dive

        1. Grinded the XP.

          After all the shitstorm I’ve experienced during the Progetto Tasks (TK-ing, blocking and all that crap so I can’t be top XP/damage/whatever) I didn’t even bother to read them and went with the XP way without trying to complete the tasks. At least this way I got the Object 277 too.

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        2. It wasn’t that hard to get, I played prem tier 8 lights the whole time, and did it with a few days to spare (and I’m just a potato player).


  1. Played 448 battles to get it, ~626 Base XP average (which is shit, I expected to at least get 800 base per battle) but played tier 6 the whole marathon. (I only play tiers 5-7 in current MM, for I will never be XP pinata for 430U/268v4!)

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  2. I grinded all the experience missions. Got the polish tanks to t8 and grinded through two other tanks before switching to kv-2 and e-25 for some more efficient experience grinding xD


    1. I never claimed it was hard….only time consuming….500 battles over two weeks……its about 4-5 hours of gameplay every day…for those who did it: my hats of to you sirs….I played casually,got to 70% discount and bought the damn thing


  3. WG being cunts as usual and not counting battles as they should, to base the rewards taking into account when the battle started.

    They do it correctly for the 1st victory bonus, just not for the missions. If you start the battle in allotted time, then the result should count for the mission that was active when you started the battle.


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