Object 432 – unfinished model pictures

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26 thoughts on “Object 432 – unfinished model pictures

      1. But i guess russian tec hnology at that time was so advanced, that their guns did not need to have a breach…….. They just stuck the end of the barrel into the gunners ass, and he farted high velocity farts, propelling the projectiles.

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        1. Pls tell me, where exactly did you see british Conquerors underperforming, so they’d need a buff on gun depression, like the poor E100 does?
          Oh sry, its german, its allowed to be a weak turd.


          1. And just to clarify my point, its not BS gundepression (russian or british or kongolese) that triggers me, its selective “historical accuracy”.


  1. Look at a classic example, 121 (another turd of a tank) :it was restricted by WG to be historical accurate and have – 3 gun depression, and it took them 3 years to realize the whole line was ignored by the players, to finally buff its depression to – 5(wow),meantime every new sci fi blueprint of russian tanks has – 9 on a small pancake turret, eh K91?


    1. But what am i saying, K91 was underperforming in the test server with the – 5 or – 7 gundepression, and we cant have that comrad, can we?…. After the first week iteration WG “collected data” that clearly showed it was falling behind the rest of russian mediums, immediately resulting in changes…..Are they collecting data for E100, 121,Amx30b,STB also?……


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