WoWS: Submarines Teaser

For now, they will only appear during the event this fall. The gameplay looks pretty finished compared to the last event.


7 thoughts on “WoWS: Submarines Teaser

  1. This looks bloody fantastic, holy shit. I may download WoWs again just for this event. And if subs are coming into the core game in the future then I may even take a long break from WoT. After Cold Waters I wanted something more arcade/action packed with subs but nothing really comes to mind.


  2. Nah. I’d be interested in a sub oriented game but just adding them into the muddled mess that Warships has become won’t help.
    I recognize that I’m biased though, I enjoyed the early Dreadnaught style play and as it evolved into airplanes, torpedoes and airplanes with torpedoes I gave up. It got too busy for me.

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    1. To be honest naval combat IS super busy and complicated. WoWs simplifies it a lot and it’s very slow paced, which makes the gameplay not too “busy” IMO. But that’s just me.


  3. I’m guessing DD’s and to some extent Cl’s are going to get built in SS detection system or researchable module like sonar. Ah I remember back in NF days where I just load my DD with just depth charges or hedgehogs and go sub hunting. If there is none I’ll just go up to a CA or a BB and fire a full volley of hedgehogs lol.


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