WoWS: New AA mechanics – speculation based on datamining


Everyone knows CV rework is coming. The followings are mined from the test client and include “ ttaro_‘s speculation (Italic)”.

Here I share the new parameters, Feel free to post your guess.

Some values are added to AA guns:

Key Near AA Midium AA Long AA  ttaro_‘s comment
bubbleDuration null 5 5 Blast area can remain in the air for 5sec?
bubbleRadius null 2 2 Planes within this radius are damaged even if they dodge a “bullet”?
explosionCount null 10 10 I have no idea how this value works.
enableBarrage Flase True True Related to DFAA? Previously, “enableDispersion” was used to decide whether DFAA works or not, but that key is deleted.
hitChance 0.5 0.75 0.75
innerBubbleCount null 7 5
outerBubbleCount null 7 5
maxDistance 60 130 200
minDistance 10 60 130 *30 to convert to meter. minimal Distance is set, which means, if all of your Long range AAs are alive while mid/Near AAs are dead, once the enemy squadron reaches within 3.9km from your ship, you could never shoot down planes… ?
shotTravelTime null 0.5 0.8
shotDamage Depends on ships, Examples: Zao 32.28, Yamato 24.09, Worcester 15.0, 1355 1245 Long and Mid AAs’ damage are fixed. Near AA damage could be the factor of balancing.
shotsPerSecond 1 null null
warningShotsDistance 120 120 120


  • Planes:
Midway HP Tier
FT 2710 10
DB 2490 10
TB 2650 10

Plane Consumables:(I don’t know what these does.)

Key Value
boostCoeff 4
name healForsage
workTime 15
reloadTIme 80

Also DFAA gets additional changes:

Key Value
damageMultiplier 1.5
FireRateMultiplier 2.5 There is no exception for these, Carriers, DDs, Stalingrad etc…All the DFAA have the same setting.
  • According to these, DFAA will not “disperse” the attack but just kill planes faster.
  • Every long/midium AAs have the same damage. (Even T1 ships have that damage, there must be a formula to determine the actual damage.)
  • Close range AAs might be the new balancing factor.
  • hitChance and shotDamages are quite high compared to planeHP.
  • so… “healForsage” boosts planes’ HP?

Extra stuff:

Rocket alphaDamage HE penetration Fire Chance splashArmorCoeff Outer Dispersion Inner Dispersion(50% of rockets will land within this area)
Midway 2400 27.9 (=can penetrate up to 27mm) 69% -0.1 (=Some cruisers suffer engine/rudder malfunction.) 90*150m 75*135m
Independence 2100 23.1 66% -0.1 36*60m 11.4*18m

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