Buy a skilled Polish crew

For the first time in WOT, you can buy just a crew with skills (RU only). This show how monetization of WOT is working this summer. Dream tanks, 25% off for gold etc. and now a crew for money…


Two offers with one or two skills (enough XP to reseach them) pre-trained for tier 7 45TP Habicha and enough gold to retrain the crew for other tanks.


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    1. Now that is just wishful thinking. The game seems to do quite well, financially. Adding stuff costs money and they are adding stuff at quite a good rate (fixing stuff might be a different thing though). Besides, it\’s not pay-to-win, but pay-to-progress. I can spend time training that crew, or take the shortcut by money. But the skills I get are not better either way. People need to learn to distinguish these two things. I\’d open my wallet for this any day of the week – which I am working full so I don\’t have as much time as I would like for the game.

    2. Dead game played by milions every day… just go away if you are not interested in game anymore.

      1. And yet we contribute the most to this shitty company so whats your point?

        A nice subtle pay to win scheme.

        No wonder people have governments they do.

  1. Slowly and steadily towards the cliff by irresponsible decisions. Shame, such potential wasted (Potential for the players, not the shareholders).

  2. Do you have a comwell B, buy another cromwell b and get gold and a crew with first skill (BIA as skill number 0)

    1. or Rudy, or Tiger 131, … In fact you get ~340 gold per 1 euro and each crew memeber will cost ~1 euro.

  3. crew retraining for gold is one of my main P2W complaints of the game, a F2P player really struggles to compete. Now just buying a crew? it\’s gone from being ~25% P2W to 50%.

    1. How is this p2w? It’s just a matter of time to get your crew skills. In f2p games usually you grind or you pay, fairly simple thing.

  4. Did you see the mission if you play a battle with a t8-X polish tank you get a 1 crew skill for free?

    1. It only gives out a female commander with Sixth Sense and nothing else trained for the 53TP, kinda the same as with Loza and Buffon.

      1. in game it says \”full crew\” 100% trained 1 skill…..if its only the commander than that is a dick move form WG

        1. I was confused as well, checked the barracks multiple times and the only thing I got from that mission was the 53TP commander with SIxth Sense. Also even though it\’s a female commander she doesn\’t have the free BiA perk.

  5. Fairly similar to the cromwell b crews for example, or the female crews wich we could get during christmas event (wich we could get easier with money)

    Besides, the first 2,5 skills are relatively easy to get by playing normaly (you get them automatically by grinding a whole line) and it is not that there is a huge performance difference between a 4 and a 6 skill crew.

    Also, getting good crews is nowdays way easyer then it was in the beginning. (Personal reserves, premium vehicles in marathons, female crew from missions/events,…)

  6. I don\’t think this is P2W. F2P players can get the same crew in exchange for time. Besides, a bad player with a good crew in his tank is still an easy to beat opponent.

    P2W is buying tanks with OP armor like the Defender and Chrysler K. Bad players can do better and have an advantage on the battlefield by buying those tanks.

  7. It IS P2W, because while you are spending that time grinding with a shitty 75% crew, you will also be LOSING considerable more due to having a shitty crew that makes it harder for you to carry games.

  8. Honestly I\’m not terribly bothered by the idea of buying multi-skill crewmen. At least in the current stage of my WoT career, I\’ve lost all patience for training fresh crews so this would make it much more feasible to buy new tanks and run them.

    To be clear, I know full-well that the new guys are getting a raw deal. Having to start with 50% trained freebie crews is ebola. Though WG could just give new accounts a few commanders who have sixth-sense trained and that would make a big difference.

  9. I agree this is P2W. The 2 skills can get you full camo or repair skill with free 6th sense, which will lead to noticeable difference in performance and behavior.

    And please don’t bring up “unskilled players can’t utilize this” shit. P2W means that regardless of skill level, player will generally perform better than otherwise.

    By the way, when is WG gonna push out crew skill rework?

  10. What concerns me is not that its p2w but that WG has already announced a complete revision of crew skills for this year(?!). Can they even do this if people bought the crew with real money?

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