WZ 111 Alpine Tiger available

Price about 42 euro.


15 thoughts on “WZ 111 Alpine Tiger available

  1. Is the Alpine Clown like normal WZ111 in all stats? WG is going lively down the drain, soon golden 59s will arrive. Then, pink pony tanks. Oh the shame.

    Hope the historic filter cleans it up like the KV2R.

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      1. How is it greedy? Tank was created for the chinese server, never intended to be sold beyond, now for sale right here. And they didn’t even bother to create another prem, just skin for the tasteless money bags that want shiny bling tonk. Enjoy, you deserve it, and the game how it looks today.

        I have one regret – historical filter doesn’t work on this puke toy.

        And all the “why complain – don’t play” geniuses, Sorry I forgot to ask you what to play or not to. I have an opinion and I state it. Problem? Don’t play.


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