42 thoughts on “WoT – Coming soon : Wheeled vehicles, new maps and Caernarvon Action X

    1. Those helicopters are just animations on the new map. They just fly over the buildings nothing more. Warthunder will introduce helicopters though.

    1. I\’m sure most recall the T-50-2. It\’s almost like it. Then again we don\’t know the drawbacks of it vs the 13 90 line etc. Could be they have almost no HP, longer reload etc.

  1. what are you thinking ? only french wheeled vehicles or will there be other nations aswell?

    i can already see the Puma as German T6 premium

  2. Crap. So they are adding Emperors Wall. It\’s arguably the worst map on WOT console. The back road will be the new Lakeville Valley, just wait and see.

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