Wheeled vehicles to be announced at Gamescom this year

The colleagues from wot.express announce that Wargaming is planning to present wheeled vehicles at this year’s Gamescom. Within a few days we should learn more details.

0 thoughts on “Wheeled vehicles to be announced at Gamescom this year

  1. Meh, that’s cool but they’re all going to be low Tier, and low tier gameplay is a frigging trashfire.

    1. Well, there is probably enough obscure wheeled stuff from cold war. Or WG can always make something up.

  2. At least wheeled vehicles are less likely to be over-armored and thus OP gold ammo promoters.
    So in all, I am happy with this new development.

      1. when they were testing wheeled vehicles it felt like driving a bumper car……what could they bring to the game?….more scouts: we have enough of those….if they give them no armor and mediocre guns: it will only increase gold spam by them……unless I am totally of the topic and they introduce a new game or something

        1. The armored cars you were testing had like 3000 horsepower, they were not meant to be realistic at all

  3. Sd.Kfz. 234/3 with 7,5-cm-KwK 37 Derp-gun and 90km/h sounds like a bit too strong for low tier.

    1. 90 KPH on road but the reason tracks were invented was because they go places wheels cannot, at least in the game time period. I would guess cross country speeds would be cut significantly. Game mechanics should be tuned so they can’t speed over swampy ground or knock over trees/ flatten houses either.

      1. Ofcourse, on the other side we have maps with large paved surfaces.
        I am just wondering on how they will balance this properly. Those vehicles have literally no armor, so speed is probably their ingame advantage. But if they are bloody slow on rough terrain, those things are sitting ducks, and qualify more in Low Tiers which for most players is not the main point of playing the game.
        Maybe WG will introduce an overpen mechanic? Would help those things.

        1. You ask WG for over pen mechanics while they openly admit the garage UI is missing such essential information like ground resistances and gun soft stats, as not to overwhelm players with too much data. With WG considering their core player base a bunch of idiots with attention deficit disorder I highly doubt they will ever go for any upgrades to their ballistics mechanics.

          1. Funny thing it’s true. WoT’s core audience is 30+ working men. They don’t want to learn game mechanics, they want to shoot red tenks.

  4. (Just disjointed thoughts here) They can make an entire line of British “lights”, that would be nice. Most would be fine scouts. The Germans too, but the one with the full 75mm L48 would be qualify as TD.
    Does this include halftracks and armed trucks?

  5. Who cares about anything below 6.
    Also these will have no armor, have fun being clicked by some autist in an SPG for all your hp.

  6. All armoured cars are low tier vehicles in this game, till 1945 44 different, from different nations armoured cars were build. Anything above that will be blueprints WG will pull out someones ass. I have no information about anything above 1945 till WG’s year limit. But as of my opinion the Tier limit will be Tier 7 and only some nations have cars with such firepower. It’s just a PR stunt to show something off.
    They should have kept the 100year Tanks anniversary event and made it a big permanent fun mode, there they could add all sort of armoured Tanks, made different maps, add different random choosen modes.

    1. Off the top of my head, the British have some, the Americans have plenty, the Italians have a few that could take them to high tier, and the French have a few that would definitely take them to top tier.

      1. Saladin for Britain with HESH-firing derp gun, Breda 61 truck with 90mm for the Italians, Hornet prototype with some good-enough 75 or 90mm (can’t remember exactly) for the US and Panhard EBR variants and prototypes for France. Germany may have something too for the high-tiers. Sounds pretty good to me!

  7. The question is are these going to form a new class, or be additions to the existing light and TD classes? In any case, if the meta shifts in the direction of low armor and high speed that would be an improvement over the current meta of mindless front-to-front corridor brawls. So long as the wheeled vehicles have a way to threaten the heavies, we’re in business.
    And there is the other lingering question of how the ammo rework will turn out. That may also have profound ramifications to the meta.

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