0 thoughts on “Fjords redesign

    1. Yes, and when the advance peek was given we all said it would suck, and it did. Their play testers are morons.

  1. The central map’s terrain still is a too flat for it to be so open. They just added a ditch and some buildings, which will add nothing to make it more playable.
    WG needs to REVERT the terrain of the central area back to how it was designed in the SD version.
    The rest of the 1.0 map enhancements are good, it’s only the terrain in the centre that need to be made NOT-SO-flat.

  2. Put back the forests and trees please the middle would be a good place to start, mountains and Fjords do have forests
    Hills why not make them semi-climbable at least and also get off this flat-world tiny-hills meme that WG is obsessed with
    all the maps are so 1 dimensional every tank fights mostly at less than 50mtr heights, really kinda boring some of the maps

    1. Have to camp most of the time in middle in hd map once spotted your dead immediately so its boring now.

    2. Hilly terrain puts poorly designed Soviet tanks at a disadvantage. I recall reading that they had a lot of problems in Afghanistan because the tanks couldn’t aim up or down. Designed for invading Western Europe.

  3. …and the currently Worst map by far – fishermans bay, still untouched. Erlenberg could use some rework too..

    1. The vast majority of maps are terrible.
      Abbey, mines, fjords, erlenshit, paris, ruinberg, airfield, province, cliff are all terrible regardless of tank composition and/or imbalanced for one side.
      Maps like malinovka, prok, murovanka, steppes, and any map that is vastly “open” are unplayable with 3 artillery, and 2 artillery is barely better, you get spotted and just die.
      Himmelsdorf is the best map, theres no superbush that make you invisible at 100 meters, and arty barely can do anything. Multiple corridors with multiple flanks. by FAR the best map.

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