WG Premium Store: 50TP Prototype And Collectibles Now Available

For aprox. 9 €, you can get one of the following tanks with 30 days of premium account: Toldi III, LTP, M3 Light LL, T-45, L-60, Panzer II Ausf. D, Type 97 Te-Ke, T7 Combat Car, Light Mk. VIc, T1E6, Tetrarch. 1 day left!
50TP Prototype: tank and slot: around 40 €.  8 days left.

0 thoughts on “WG Premium Store: 50TP Prototype And Collectibles Now Available

  1. Looks like they need a quick buck again… at least this won’t destroy the low-tier battles like the Pz. J would

  2. Some were sold many times previously, others were gift tanks, given free but not sold before.
    Most tanks in the list have only collector value, in other words, they suck.

        1. Yes it’s quite worthless. But I got the T-45 which I’ve been wanting for a while. And the 30 missions 5xp for each win is really nice!

      1. It was nice since it had limited MM , but now they all do which really ruined this tanks usefulness.

        1. The M3 Light never had any limited matchmaking. The Light VIC and the T7 CombatCar still have and meet Tier 2 only
          This M3 Light is just wortless.

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