0 thoughts on “Fearless camo for Caernarvon Action X

      1. No. Because Britain’s history is also one of colonialism and imperialism.

        1. Well they are getting colonised right now thanks to leftist politics. Looks like the wheel is turning.

          1. Britain as we know it will soon cease to exist as a nation. First Scotland and then the complete breakup. The downfall of western imperialism has begun.

            1. Yes. Hopefully here in Eastern Europe we can hold our ground, our culture, traditions, religion, rights and mentality.

            2. Western imperialism died decades ago, this is the death of western culture by the postmodern international socialism.

              1. Which of course hopefully will let communism come back and socialism will rule once more.

  1. Is it me or does it is so powerful it powercreeps even the Patriot? 2.5k DPM and 0.31 acc on a hulldown platform.
    Here goes the P2W+powercreep combo again.

  2. Looking forward to this tank, slam it for 440,like a looter in a riot. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight!
    230?? You might as well try to sell me lipstick.

  3. Well, all those tier 10s spanning HEAT will love this spaced armor on turret. *harhar*
    Otherwise okay, but I hope they sell it also without that camo.

  4. Definitely a better alternative to T26E5 if one wants a hulldown heavy, also finally a good premium heavy for the British. Would consider buying if it wasn’t that I really dislike the 20pdr and its pathetic damage per shot.

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