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  1. probably 400 times better than vk 4503 A, becaues you know, Russian tanks were BY FAR the best in WW2.
    Go read up on the Battle of Kursk, the Russians lost only 2 tanks (Because the crews were drunk and drove off cliffs) and the Germans lost 5000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    1. i don’t know man, vk 4503 is a good tank, i marked it…. i prefer to play it in a tier 9 game than to play patriot in a tier 10… but i suppose that you are right, wg spams a lot of russian premium tanks better than any other…

      1. It’s a fact that the Russians churned out a crapton of prototypes and paper projects, so it stands to reason that they are the nation with more available stuff. What I’d like more however is for WG to just stop making clones of vehicles we already have (in this case, why play IS-2 Berlin or KV-122 when this IS-2M here seem to have all the advantages of a standard IS plus better armor) and introduce more unique stuff. Premium vehicles are supposed to also be that, not just pay2win alternatives to techtree tanks (some of which are by now very obsolete and need a look at).

  2. I would not really wonder if WG start to shit out new Prem tanks based on their serial numbers.
    “And here we have a very rare and special offer: The T-54 number 10253! Just for a few days and only 60€ in a bundle of crap you will never need!”

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