0 thoughts on “20th anniversary camo

  1. For those who wondering, it’s a reference to a long time joke name of Wargaming, “kartokha” which is one of the forms of word “potato” in russian. Nice meme.

      1. It’s quite mindless, actually. WG is a belorussian company and in Russia Belarus was always associated with potato due to economical and cultural reasons.

  2. is it so difficult to give different seasons camo set for winter, desert and regular? Now it will be the same for all seasons.

  3. this is Ubi’s server come from, one tank you destroyed during the battle, one Ubi player will lost connection from their’s game.

  4. well, what is wodka made of?
    oh, yeah, i remember … potatoes.
    At least thats what they say about it.
    But I think thats where the generell idea came from.

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