Summer sales 24-25.07.2018.


STRV S1 – 30% OFF! – around 26.5€

59-PATTON – 30% OFF! – around 18.5€

112 – 30% OFF! – around 26€

PANTHER/M10 – 50% OFF! – around 11€



4 thoughts on “Summer sales 24-25.07.2018.

  1. If I was interested in giving money to WG it would be for the M10. The 112 used to be great but with the current MM trying to face fight OP heavies is impossible without heat spam.


  2. Panthre M10 is awful lol I own it and never play it. I have a 58% win rate in it over 200 battles.

    150 pen on a tier 7 medium with 135 alpha, you need to fire gold else its awful. No point of playing a premium if youre only firing gold, you wont make any credits.

    Same shit as type 59. Even with gold rounds you will never pen tier 8s heavies even at close range.


    Best tank here is STRV S1, no contest, although its a sniper for redline shitlords who enjoy playing TDs and fapping in a bush all game.


    1. Did you play it after it got rebalanced? It’s a lot better than what it was before. Very good accuracy paired up with good gun soft stats allow for snapshots, or accurate aimed shots, making it effective even with low pen.


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