How to get your money back from WG (spent in the last 1.5 years, PayPal only)


 „Wargaming Group Limited has responded to the claim you filed against them. We’re reviewing the claim and will carefully consider all the material before making a decision.

We’ll let you know if we require additional information from you, and will contact you via email when a decision has been reached”

Source. Reposted with permission.
Update: do not try this unless you can afford to lose a whole account. It’s at your own risk. I don’t recommend doing this at all.
Note: We don’t know what happens with bought gifts yet.
I’m sure many of you have one or several WoT accounts where you invested time and money in. But since WG does not bother listening to its players (they failed to provide new maps without corridors, a proper arty nerf and a gold ammo nerf to say the least) and instead is testing a new store interface, I decided this needed to be posted. Many of you have commented the #walletclosed tag these past months, for good reason. So, if we already posted several hundred times (at least!) premium store offers, the reverse must also come true.
The good news is:
If you used PayPal to buy stuff from Wargaming, you can get some serious cash back.
Now, all this takes is your willingness to quit the game forever. You’re going to lose access to your account for sure if you do it. But if you have for example 5 accounts, you can do it on 4 and still screw WG up pretty bad while leaving an account to play with.
And here’s how you do it:
Go to your PayPal Account and file chargebacks (click „Report an Issue”) on your last charges to Wargaming as “Goods Not as Described” and then select “Other”. Then you simply explain how you received the goods, but that Wargaming deliberately runs their game in such a way that anything you buy quickly devalues. Go on to explain that they are deliberately ripping off customers this way, while interacting with the community as little as possible, not even listening to feedback from community contributors, firing any who speak out about this practice and how their customer support consists only of auto-responders that deny any and all claims. Go on to explain how there are no real customer support agents anymore and that they are simply unreachable by phone to discuss the matter with at all.
Guess what, folks? PayPal will try to contact them too. You know what happens then? They meet with the same brick wall, bullshit auto-responder service that you meet with all the time.
You know what happens then?
THIS is what happens then:

Now, bear in mind that you WILL lose your account. They will lock it up tighter than a drum. But do you really care? Nope.
Now, here comes the REAL payoff:
Under the law, you can only chargeback 120 days of PayPal charges to Wargaming in dispute of “Goods not as described” but…
…and what a but it is, folks!
WHEN they lock your account down and you lose access to it, Wargaming themselves shoot themselves in the foot because then you can charge back
540 DAYS!!!
That’s right, everyone!
If you used PayPal, you can get back EVERY LAST DIME you gave Wargaming for the last year-and-a-half!!!
That’s all.

168 thoughts on “How to get your money back from WG (spent in the last 1.5 years, PayPal only)

    They are a company. fuck over epic games or something. paying 25 bucks for a shark outfit?
    WG is not that fucking bad.

    1. They are a company, they try to make as much money as possible
      We are customers, we try to pay as little as possible (cashback works too)
      it’s just human nature, we all do this kind of stuff, they try to screw us over, we try to screw them over
      get over it

    2. Wait, you say Epic are worse than WG because of a $25 shark outfit, when every year WG recycle the same $50-100 ‘rare’ tank bundles every year?
      You muppet…

    3. You thought when you have them your money that is was, in yourr opinion, a fair transaction. Soo….
      Its a d9ck move to ask you money back for services rendered. Try going back to that hooker and asking for a ref8nd because she aged…

      1. You obviously play this game too much when you have to buy hookers. When was the last time you could look down and see you d@ck?

  2. Alternatively you can go to your bank and tell them to cancel all transactions from the past 3 years. Attach a mail from WG denying you refund for premium tanks – goods bought that you have not depleted, like the gold or premium time – as proof that you have tried to reason with them. Some banks will listen and charge back the amounts of specified transactions
    Another option is going to customer protection organizations, ask them to contact WG on your behalf about getting refund for premium tanks – aka goods that are not as described, goods with hidden defects. This option, if enough players do it, might get them a fine from the EU.
    Also, mention their gambling component, aka the RNG and the loot boxes.

  3. Yes they bloody well are!
    Liars at times big Liars – ask anyone, anyone that’s been on WOT for 2 or 3 years or more
    Evasive with the truth – never admit anything rather blame there community
    Game updates – never tell us what exactly there doing ~ just what they TNINK we need to know its patronising at best.
    Perfecting Preferential MM Thanks ~ ALL the above with HUGE lies & deception of a new low for WG
    Premium Tanks – this is real money our cash money, you own nothing! at all ever, they can change ANYTHING if they wish on any Premium tank its speed, the gun, the ammo, the armour, as THEY see fit
    3-5-7 MM Template – NOBODY asked for it or wanted it ~ but they rammed it down our throats anyway
    and on and on ……………….
    if they were just Honest with us, treat us as intelligent adults not stupid’s with a wallet, STOP lying to us completely
    All the above would mostly disappear

    1. It’s a game and YOU decided to play and spend money on it.
      “Deception and lies”? Bahahaha. Grow the hell up!

  4. Yanno. I’m not gonna do this. you know why? Because I already played the game. Doing tnis after the hundreds of hours I’ve played with the items I’ve bought would be akin to theft. I am no thief.

    1. You played based on a lie from WG. So you have been duped and cheated on by the company. You are entitled to refund.

        1. Sure we have. One perfect example is the tier 5 premiums. Tier 5 no longer see tier 3. Imagine the rage if they changed tier 8 to never see tier 6?

  5. I`m so pissed now that I mostly purchased stuff directly from my credit card. I`d LOVE to give them back my account, and get my money back.
    Not that I need that money all that much. It`s less than 100 euros. But it`s the fucking STATEMENT that counts.
    I might try and do what siralexice explained, but I kinda doubt that will work with my bank.

  6. It’s honestly a gray area, and depends on how much you value your account and how much you’ve gotten out of it.
    If you bought type59 during it’s heyday and played the heck out of it for a good 2-3 year before it got powercrept, then you sure got your money worth out of it and I don’t think you’re eligible for a refund.
    on the other hand, if you bought a CDC barely a week before they implement the 3-5-7 MM and all the other shenanigans, and you can’t be bothered to play what is now a heaping pile of junk, then I think you more or less are entitled for the refund.
    At the end of the day, it’s down to a subjective opinion of do you think you’ve been treated unfairly by WG or not.

    1. I don’t think any court in the world will see it as a grey area. It’s fraud, plain and simple.

  7. Reminds me of that guy who plays 50 hours of No Man’s Sky before asking for a refund because everyone else is also asking for refund in droves. Like you said, it’s down to everyone’s own personal experience and their conscience.

    1. I did that. My PS4 account can’t play No man Sky anymore, even a physical copy. I did not play it for 50 hours tho. I just asked for a refund when I noticed that nothing of what I bought the game for was there as promised by Sony. But then again the PS4 US CEO called us “thiefs” for daring to ask for a refund.

      1. And Sony at least did not deliver.
        WG Did. You got your tonk/gold/whatever.
        So refunding just because you’re throwing a hissy fit due not having different ideas about the game is utterly retarded and should not be supported in any form.

  8. I don’t like this! This is a scam, this a way to steal money from WG! This is NOT fair, nor this is even ok. I gave my money to WG, they refused to return my money for one premium tank bcs I’ve played one game in it and I think it is ok to return that tank and get the money back, but this way neither I would return the tank or I would get the money just for that one specific tank. After all this is way to lose my account that I’ve been building up for last 6 years. I really love WOT and I love to play it, I want to pay for my privileges in WOT, and I want a money return for that one tank, but I don’t want to steal money from WG or anyone else!!!
    I disagree with this article and it should NOT be on TAP!!!

      1. It’s a big assumption that WG will call it a day after locking the account. They have been defrauded out of a sizeable chunk of money. Paypal are not a legal entity, they cannot rule over a contract between you and WG. You could find yourself in court. But it’s your choice.

    1. I gave WG my money for a lot of tier 8 premium tanks, tanks that are now a nightmare to play because WG decided to change something as important as matchmaking for the worse.
      Why shouldn’t I get my money back.
      If you bought a car, and a year later the manufacturer reduced it’s performance by 50%, are you telling me you wouldn’t want a refund?
      WG chose to screw over many thousands of people that gave them money in good faith, they deserve to lose as much of their profits as possible.

      1. If you don’t enjoy playing premium tanks as much aas you think you should is your personal problem. THIS is borderline crime, only a subhuman piece of garbage would do something like that.

      2. INTEL processors performance is down because of these discovered bugs called Meltdown and Spectre. Did you get any refund?

      3. your analogy doesnt really work. WG doesn’t promise that your premium tank specs will remain unchanged forever. They also don’t promise that your OP premium seal clubbing monster will always be a scourge on the rest of the game. Just the same, the car manufacturer doesn’t promise that your new car will still run and look like a new one in 15 years.
        If a person does what Seb is suggesting, then they are at best just as big of crooks that they think WG to be. Don’t be a crook…and now we know that Seb is probably a crook too.
        Grow up people and stop being snowflakes!

        1. Actually when it comes to any goods you pay for with money if its not as advertised stats and whatever then its false advertising and therefore a crime so yes realistically it is a promise to not change shit just cause

    1. WG are fucking cunts for gradually ruining a game that people have invested their hard earned money in…

      1. And you don’t got your moneys worth yet? I mean I’ve bought $60 games I completed in 4 hours and never looked at again. I’m fairly confident that my premium tanks got their money’s worth before they wrecked it. That and what wrecks it differs from player to player. 3-5-7 is a common reason. But for the other stuff? I’m actually glad WG don’t do anything with some of it. As we don’t have to look far for a game that killed itself 3 weeks after open beta that did most of those changes.

              1. Then you should remember how it was back then. Pretty much the only REALLY bad thing WoThas right now is MM. And WG is adamant about keeping 3/5/7. For now anyways, they will come back to their senses eventually if they don’t want to lose more players.

                1. At Tankfest they were talking to CCs unofficially that they will change MM again which was welcomed by the CCs. I hope we will be able to learn something about this officially at Gamescom.

                  1. Even is they’ll change it we don’t how much time will it take. WG is notoriously slow with this type of stuff.

                    1. I think the earliest time this change could be released is after the Polish patch, so around October-November depending on how the testing is going.

      1. And I’ve grown more dissapointed with TAP than ever. Going fuck all is a scum move. You go down to the level of WG.
        What’s the current reason of your disappointment with WG?

          1. I’m sure this post helped increasing the decline, so you are working against yourself.
            The decline is due to everybody going butthurt because of the pref MM changes and all the CCs putting oil on the fire without seeing what WG really wants to do with those vehicles.
            Now the time is ticking for WG to say something but they are too scared already because of the shitstorm and if I were them, I would be busy finding a solution that works instead of promising something out of the blue for the players which might not even work causing another shitstorm.

    1. Not as low as WG screwing over many thousands of paying customers…and not giving a shit.

        1. Can you lick every WG staff members balls and take their dicks to your ass some more please

            1. HAHAHAHA. I remember when my grandpa told me stories about how his grandpa would use that one liner. Hilarious.

    2. You bought a fridge. The fridge does not cool your coca cola. You get your money back because the fridge is defective.

      1. You bought a fridge. You use it for 2 years. Suddenly it breaks, You take it to the shop to ask for a refund. The shop will tell you to buy a new one or fuck off.

      2. I buy the worlds fastest road car but then the same company make a faster one before I even take delivery, I no longer have the worlds fastest road car. How much refund do you think I will get?

        1. Depends on the contract details. I’m assuming you’ll be contracting a custom made car from the ground up?
          If you’re just buying a factory car you’ll get what everybody else gets.

  9. I actually hope that TAP will get shit from WG for this one. We already had clickbaits, just blatant lies and misinformation and now this fuckery. Amazing.

        1. You know, I might. Or I might turn adblock back on. Hit him where it hurts. And guess what, that’s even legal.

    1. Who cares?
      WG gets shitloads of flak and guess what happens ultimately? Nothing.

        1. You took a great risk. Perhaps you should consider removing this article. Also, delete the anti-Semitic bullshit posted recent days that moronic troll.

    1. In my nation? It actually is. In yours? Who knows. As it’s not seen as a crime in some EU nations oddly enough.

  10. Gifts? I’m willing to bet your mates account will be banned until he pays for it. Just like the gift scams issues we had a few years back.
    That and keep in mind that this is an illegal scam method, with severer prison sentences in some nations. So I would not be surprised if you got some flak for this somewhere. As others have done in the past. As this method is old. I’m sure someone recalls the topic about this from last year on EU where some claimed they did it. In that topic, a few different cases was shown. Even one that did it to WOW and Blizzard. It ended with some nasty legal actions.

  11. I think this is a scumbag move….you have 15 day period to ask for refund if the tank you bought don’t meet your expectations…….to ask a full refund on a premium tanks you used to earn credits in past is wrong….I understand its cool to shit talk and curse at WG at this moment-but still….this is low

    1. Well it comes with the drawback of locking the account entirely forever, and I wouldn’t recommend it. But for the ones who recently quit playing, it might be a good option.

      1. it seems like this is addressed to people with multiple accounts(is that even legal?)…..why would you need 4-5 accounts?I understand getting 2nd one on reroll ( I find it pathetic to reroll just to get better stats but hey-its a free world)…..but more accounts that that….I know of some players who opened 2nd accounts to abuse recruitment program(they bought tier 8 premium tank and free xp to tier 10) and that gave them free tier 8 tank upon reaching tier 10 on that 2nd account….should they now have the opportunity to get their money back too?

    2. If the product that worked months ago but does not work anymore, you go ask for a refund now.

  12. You should not do these things unless you are sure it is 100% legal. As a blogger you have the responsibility, or rather, the common fucking sense to inform your readers about the dangers and possible outcomes. It sounds an awful lot like fraud is being committed. You should honestly shut this place down before WG comes for you.

      1. Yes, and it has nothing to do with this. I’m completely free to say “Fuck you WG”, I don’t go to jail or get fined for that. I don’t, however, have freedom to commit fraud.

  13. I’m as frustrated with WG as anyone…got 40 odd tier eight prems…but this is a new low. I’m out

  14. “…for those that recently quit playing, it might be a good option.”
    Only if they quit playing and didn’t use the items they purchased. Whether you use it for 1 game or 1000 games, you have received the value of the item. To get your money back by the method described is nothing less than theft.

    1. You have a microwave oven, you used it 3 times per day for months to heat your food. Now it is broken and does not work anymore. You go get your money back, that’s what you do.

  15. Alright, the level of butthurt is going off the charts, so let’s take a step back. Sure, this is not in the style of the blog and some may even deem it illegal, but WG isn’t a saint either. The blog won’t turn into a place only filled with things like this, so everyone can calm down.

    1. If PayPal is doing the refund, for sure they have solid legal footing.

      1. Rubbish. Paypal are not ruling on the contract between you and WG, they have no legal jurisdiction. If you want to get your money back legally then go to court, which is where you might find yourself anyway.

  16. As much as I dislike WG’s policies what you’re suggesting is pathetic.
    The game’s at a low point and so is this blog.

  17. Keep this post up.
    Fuck WG and their fanboys. Probably arty players anyway.

    1. You’re probably the worst troll I’ve ever seen. After that Stalin guy, of course.

      1. Lol i’m a troll because i don’t agree with you? boohoo.
        No need to get your panties in a bunch.

        1. No, you just look like a troll because you often post some kind of nonsense. Like in this case.

          1. nonense in your opinion, meaning you disagree with me, see my previous post.

            1. What do you expect from a Gameboy noob. And yeah, definitely an arty player lul

  18. Why are you promoting fraud?.. WG offers online goods (gold, premium membership) and services (premium tanks).. They claim refund for a service, which they made use of for one and a half year??
    Please.. Remove this “article”.. It damages Paypal payment method and video game industry more than anything..

    1. Premium tanks are not services, they are goods. Electronic goods, but still goods. Under the EU regulations, there is no difference between a premium tank and an LED TV. If the goods are broken, not functioning as advertised, you get your money back.

      1. Their terms of service clearly declare premium tanks as a service. It is not up to me to judge EU law <> game terms. Make sure to have solid legal footing doing this.. But as I said, these practices hurt small game developers more than WG.

    2. I won’t because this „fraud” is possible for the simple fact WG does not want to respond to PayPal with a proper customer support.

      1. WG customer support is undeniably lame and needs improvement/more personnel but does it justify wonky refunds (likely thievery in most cases)? EU consumerism has been deployed slowly and painfully, and tomorrow we might not have it at all. There’s another way to wake game developers like stop playing their games..

  19. I get the reasoning, but this is not a cool idea. Frankly, it’s fraud on your part.
    You should take this down.

    1. It happens only because WG does not have a proper customer support that can talk with paypal. If they solved this, this „fraud” couldn’t come to life.

  20. Eh, this is really subjective.
    In one part, admittedly WG didn’t do much to address problem with WoT right now (especially MM) that really erodes enjoyment from the game.
    In other hand… this is kind of a fraud, or loophole abuse at best, and in no way will help the game (though you might debate if this game is still can be saved at this point). Should’ve keep this article until the point where WG really beyond any saving.

      1. No, it is not illegal. As PayPal is doing this, they must have asked their lawyers about it.
        Stop being sheeps, EU has very good protection for end users.

        1. Who cares if it’s “legal” or not? This shit will hurt the system itself and small developers to an extent. Are you really that narrow minded?

  21. I want to point out a couple of very interesting things I noticed in the comments.
    Playing in the NA server, I’ve experienced that, in general terms, the WoT community is rather toxic from time to time, but after reading some of the comments in this blog, I am happy to be part of such, because there are a lot of people with values and rather great principles. Healthy people, in social terms.
    I agree on both sides. I feel like it is not the proper way to proceed, I think it is rather a low move. I do respect if someone does it, because I do understand what does it feels to buy something that, in short terms, will lose it’s value. Now, this point for me is rather important, since all those premium vehicles lost the value not because they were “bad” or because how the game “had to evolve”, but because how the game has been forced to “be”. It is a fact that wargaming is “improving” the game, but all of the goods that we bought are not receiving tjhe proper treatment in order to be “playable” again. Also, many of the new mechanics are against the health of the game (Type 5 HE ammo, for example). But, they also implemented the Frontline that a lot of people liked, plus, that mechanic helped a lot to gain silver. So, not everything is broken or bad.
    Now, don’t get me wrong, you can still play some of the tanks. And, actually, play all of those tanks. The fact that you will have a terrible experience is the one that will piss people like me. You don’t spend your money in some object in order to suffer, especially if we are talking about a game. Games are meant to be fun, but the different choices that Wargaming has been doing over their game only reflects that they are not after the construction of a solid, healthy “tank” and game community, they are after the money. In my opinion, to hell with that attitude.
    It’s a company, they need to make money, that it’s okay. But the fact that this company is using it’s customers to drain, farm money without giving a proper product, it’s bs. The game is far for being “complete”. Look at all of the useless perks and skills, look at the lame mechanics, look at the new premium tanks that are way too good (let us consider the statement they did related to the premium tanks). The game is not friendly to the player. I know, not everything is bad nor terrible. The italian tech tree felt great for me, as a player: different, dynamic and fresh. And I love the STRV line (I know that a lot of people consider this vehicle to be bad for the game, but talking about mechanics, I like it a lot, because it’s different and really reflects your knowledge about the game).
    On the other hand, that is no excuse to compete with them and see who can find a new low. I wouldn’t encourage to proceed like that, but won’t judge anyone who actually does it. “Fight fire with fire”, someone would say.
    All in all, this post is the living proof that people are not happy and that there are issues related with this company and it’s product. You don’t see this kind of post in World of Warships nor World of Warplanes.
    In the end, my conclusion (personal thought) is that if you don’t like the game nor the company, don’t play their games. That is the way they will understand that they are doing something wrong. Yes, I already paid for some the “goods” in the game; well, I gambled and I lost. I’m pissed and all, but, I also consider that a lot of people working at Wargaming are not part of the problem, and doing something like this would affect them too. That would be unfair, not to mention the unethical part.
    Still, I think is a good post. Now you are informed and know what kind of train of thought your readers have, and how healthy this community is.

    1. “Now you are informed and know what kind of train of thought your readers have, and how healthy this community is.”
      Yes, because that is the only way to find out more about our toxic community part. /s You think he couldn’t tell before? The true problem is the same people killing small game developers with these practices.

      1. I never said that was the only way. It is a way, though. I won’t say it’s a filter, but just take a look at all of the posts that are against this policy. That is what I was referring to. It’s not only the toxicity, also the other side of the coin.
        And your reply is the proof. You are way more informed about the matter. I thought this “procedure” was focused only in the case of wargaming, but you have exposed that this is a policy from pay pal and that can affect third parties indirectly.
        I would’ve never thought there could be repercussions against others not involved in this case, and, from my point of view, this was totally useful, because now it has become a discussion and this kind of facts come into light.
        Thanks for showing the whole picture.

        1. The easy refund procedure is as old as Paypal itself. It’s a well-intentioned refund policy with seriously mistreated customers in mind but as we all see it gets easily exploited by those few “because I can” or “I’m having a bad day” people and intentionally ruined for all of us. Nothing new, unfortunately.

          1. And don’t forget that nothing is for free, a company has to make profit. They want their honest customers to compensate for those shameless thieves through raised shop prices and worse service for justified refund claims, which is obviously wrong.

  22. Seriously? This really is a all time low for any third party website.
    You all have some serious faith to re earn after pulling this bs as far as I am concerned.

    1. Not really. Some wot skins site actually implemented a coin miner. This post is nothing compared to that crap.

  23. I’m pretty sure WG will shut this site down after giving out “how to scam WG” instructions.
    Farewell seb

    1. Are you really that stupid? WG can’t “Shut down” someone’s website for pointing out flaws in their company.
      This isn’t Soviet Russia.
      Stay in school.

      1. They can contact WordPress and inform them of a participating blog that is in violation of its Terms of Service and User Guidelines. They’re pretty clear about “Illegal content and conduct.”

  24. WG been using unethical practices for years, nobody bats an eye. One guy decides to retaliate by another unethical practice, everyone loses their minds…

    1. It is not unethical, it is quite OK to get a refund for goods that are not performing.

      1. The goods are performing exactly as they should be. Not having new maps is hardly an excuse for claiming the goods aren’t performing. When you buy a premium tank, you know very well what you’re getting, hence why they can barely nerf the damn things.That’s as stupid as me refunding half my games on steam because they’re not performing to the standards I set, not the standards THEY set. Yes, the EU is very protective of its customers, which is amazing, i’m glad to live here, but we are abusing the system and possibly committing fraud all because “muh, dey gave me UI not new maps :'(“, all in all while causing a huge drama and nothing but problems.

  25. I’m surprised they’re so many corporate apologist why have any loyalty to a multi billion dollar company they don’t care about you at all

    1. I don’t give two shits about WarGaming. I care about not destroying the few good options we can get from websites and games because some dude decided to make everyone commit fraud.

  26. Gosh, you can buy the entire Witcher 3 game series with that amount of money listed in the screenshot. But pixel tanks and boats?

  27. It may appear scummy, but look at it this way:
    WG is refusing to refund a virtual good if it doesn’t live up to their marketing and/or gets radically changed. If you force their hand, and that the third party in charge of payment AGREES with you, WG lock down your account until you pay them back.
    Err….How bad do things have to get to have a bank actually take your side in something?

  28. this is INSANELY unethical, fraudulent, and borderline illegal/theft
    i hope anyone that abuses this bullshit gets IP-BANNED FROM ALL WG PRODUCTS FOREVER, fuck the thieving scum that would do this!
    Its shameful that someone would promote something like this…. pathetic

  29. Keep the post on!
    Maybe WG will stop consider players only as milk cows.

  30. Having a monopoly is bad for end consumers.
    If we have a back up plan like this is good. I’m pretty sure many won’t do this. At least this could knock some senses back to Russia.

  31. too bad I stopped paying WG more than 3 years ago. Too bad I didn’t use pay pal. I would have done this if I was eligible. I’m done for good with GayGaming and their shit games. Who wants to buy my account?

  32. If I would do this, I could get 933€ back in total. That is a quite high number. I even considered it for a short time. But I wont do it. Because my Account is from 2012. I have many rare Tanks (IV Hydro, IIJ, E25, M3light, Foch-155, Deathstar, Type 59,…) But also I spend much time, I had much fun back then and would still have it, if my ambition and patience wont mess it. But my Account is also now on a position, where I dont have to pay any money at all in the future. Enough Credits, enough free XP.
    But I dont unterstand the anger here. I mean, just because TAP shows the possibility to get a good amount of money back does not mean, we have to do it. Its an option and as far as I see, Papal make it possible. They wont do it, if they can have problems with that.
    So, please stay calm and save the salt, just you dont like that TAP shows that possibility.

    1. Your 5€ spent on Christmas will surely help towards the cause, because it’s not like they invest or anything.

  33. I am glad to see somebody did this. Hopefully it’s more than one person, so WG can start asking themselves some very hard questions.

  34. hm that advise is only for SJW, who have too much time anyway. Go on and do it! But if you have more than 1 account and you actually bought something on several accounts…what a waste of time and money. Do those people do anything else?

  35. So what you’re saying is that i can use an alternate account as a deposit account? Simple spend thousabds of euros depositing them through paypal. Years later withdraw money. No problem with banks anymore. Nice.

  36. Last year. I asked WG for cancellation of my premium account and refund of the rest of the days which I won’t use as the game becomes more and more bad.
    They just declined my request…

  37. Tempted but waiting to see if they’re going to sort out their MM first. People who say this is a scam don’t understand business or consumer protection at all.
    Options like this forces companies to listen to their customers. Companies that do treat their customers well don’t have any problems.
    Premium time is time limited and shouldn’t be refundable apart from cases where you’ve bought a year’s premium and the game changes significantly during that time. Premium tanks don’t have a time limit and should be refundable if they get changed either directly with a nerf or indirectly due to power creep.

    1. I really don’t see the issue with the MM, who cares if you’re in a tier 8 vs tier 10, deal with it.
      The biggest problem in this game is artillery and poor tank balance. Most new tanks are good and some are OP and most the old tanks are beyond shit.
      Tiger II lolololollool

    1. That is hilarious.. tries to jump off his own fraudulent bandwagon into safe space..

    2. I like how he thinks by saying “Therefore, under GDPR Art. 17 I hereby enact my “Right to erasure” and request that you either remove or depersonalize the forum content I have created. Furthermore I would like someone from staff to contact me about this issue in private.” he makes it seem as though he’s entitled to anything lol

    1. They’re angry because Seb is encouraging people to make claims knowing that they’re beloved god WG will default in not answering to the claim put to them by Paypal, and then because of WG locking accounts it opens them up to futher claims which they default on again. It’s WG who agreed to be bound by Paypals terms and conditions and because they have shody customer service they allow Paypal to refund the customer. Players should think about WHY a multimillion dollar profiting making company would set themselves up to default like that.

  38. Finally I have decided I have taken enough shit from WG when they sold a second time within a week the leFH182b and then put for sale the tier 8 heavy Polish Defender.
    I asked them nicely to refund me half of what I spent in the past 3 years, which of course they denied. Having been denied by WG I am well within my rights to ask my bank what they can do about it… which I did early this Saturday morning.
    Don’t know yet what they will do, but under EU regulations I have been lied to, mislead, deceived and convinced by incomplete and tortuos information to buy digital goods.

  39. So, I did the Russian quit. After a furious battle with the support team of WG, Paypal gave me a good verdict. WG can keep their shitty goods, my account, everything with their name on it. And no you fuckin shitty WG shills, it’s not fraud because WG agreed to sell under Paypal conditions and those conditions protect us as users.

  40. So far ING Romania has been nice enough to challenge the last 4 transactions, I waited too long and only 4 were within the 120 days of the challenge period. The account is locked off course and I will ask ING what they think about it.
    And there are a couple of EU institutions taking care of customer rights.

  41. we still have for delivery(blank ATM) contact us on ( for yours and never be broke again

  42. Hi, does this still work.. except in my case they banned my first account because someone hacked it and only thing wargaming could so was transfer the goods wich now i found out is total bullshit so would this still work for me?

          1. hi, it worked for a bit, all payments in the last 180 days are availible to get back, but more then that is not possible..
            only sad part is that it still doesn’t get half of my money back, so i am going to take legal steps because i have enough information to have my right enforces..
            wanna see how this ends!!

  43. IF You read there terms and conditions and EULA of the game and there own policy and contract to players you have the legal right to a full refund of all monies payed to them since account creation date to present day as they break there own contractual obligations bu allowing cheat mods illegal mods and also changes to things bought so break there own rules and are liable for refund from account creation date to return all of your money

    office of fair trading is very clear on the matter and will help you get your money back plus compensation

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