Supertest: Kharkov

Today we’re commencing a new stage of the Kharkov map test. This time, we’re going to try a version similar to the last one but stripped of its drawbacks. We plan to get rid of super-fast battles, to give every class a chance to shine, and to increase the playability of the open space by making it more suitable for mobile light and medium tanks.
So what does the new version of the map look like?
1. The central square now has less entrances and even less exits. There are a couple of two-way passages (marked in green on the minimap) and also two one-way access points (marked in red; you can only drive in through these, not out). It’s much easier now to control the square’s exits, and this should decrease the amount of unexpected flanking manoeuvres and breakthroughs behind the lines—even if one of the sides has ignored this corner of the map completely.
2. The central city blocks haven’t changed. It’s this particular part of the locale that creates Kharkov’s signature gameplay: close quarters combat that can unfold in a myriad of ways. We’ll try to keep the central city blocks as they were on the previous release version of the map.
3. The city blocks near the bases have lost many buildings and piles of rubble. They were making this zone a labyrinth and impeding vehicle movement.
4. The outskirts of the city have received several covered positions on each side, allowing you to control or ‘light up’ the open part of the map. From here you’ll also be able to support your allies  who are engaged in urban warfare.
5. The open part of the map now offers more cover and has more key points. The changes applied should help light tanks and mobile mediums use this zone for flanking moves or for dashing into the enemy base. We’ve also added some bushes that may serve as spotting or firing positions (rather risky ones because the distance to foes is going to be small).
Depending on test results, we’ll decide which revision of Kharkov works the best.