One Login to Play Them All

Greetings, Wargamer!
We’ve updated the Wargaming Game Center to introduce a simplified, single-login procedure. Now logging into the Game Center automatically signs you into all our products that support the ID.

How does it work?

There are two options available, depending on your account status.
If you’re already logged into the Game Center and you fancy playing World of Tanks, clicking “Play” will take you directly to your Garage thus skipping the login screen (the same goes with other games featured in the Center).
If you’re not signed into the Game Center, after clicking “Play” a special authorization window will pop up asking you to enter your login information. When you’re done, everything is set up for you to battle in any of our Wargaming Game Center-supported titles.
Having to re-enter your credentials is never convenient, but the good news is you’ll only have to do it once.
Now, time to click that button and show off your skills.
See you in battle!
The Wargaming team.

0 thoughts on “One Login to Play Them All

  1. Works fine, saves a step in game start loading. Should’ve been implemented years ago. Good Job, WG!

  2. Except it messes up those of us who play multi region since it only allows one login to play them all for one region so you then have to put usernames and passwords in every time you want to play a different region. All in all another stupid update for a launcher that causes more issues than it solves.

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