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  1. I would love to see newspaper makeshift camo in game. If you google it its been used all over the place right back to the germans in WW2.

          1. It would be the only any nation camo that would truly fit. And they can even do lots of little easter eggs on it like the Marlene Deitrich poster in the Skorp G.

      1. Well, the point of camouflage is to conceal and hide the vehicle, easily spotted tank will be quicly destroyed.
        A man who tries to conceal his tank from enemy eyes with brightly colored “cool and interesting” camo is therefore, an idiot, trying to get himself and his crew killed. What should he be called?
        Cardboard armor, piss for fuel, 0.22 LR main gun, all are interesting features not usable by normal people in armored vehicles, clown camo is on of these.
        There are many child-oriented tank games in the internet, with bright colors and funny sounds, people who like these features can enjoy there, WOT is valued for relative realism, never mind WG trying to ruin it to kill it’s own game, stupidity and failure to read the playerbase.

        1. It’s a game. Camo in WoT is just a number, so why would anybody care about realistic camo paint? Even in WT you can make your own whacky paint job ffs.

          1. I like realism, for me it’s not just a number. People who like clown camos are welcome to go play WT or other kid’s games.
            I can’t prevent it in WOT, but I don’t have to like it.

        2. Arcade.
          pick one.
          (Playerbase is above 25+ years of age so i guess alot of boring manchildren play world of tanks still.)

    1. You do know that WoT target audience is 35-40 y/o working men? That kinda explains all the shit WG is feeding us on a daily basis.

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