WoT – HE Exclusive Premium Ideas

Our friends at WoT Express decided to gather together a few real tanks (not paper or prototypes) who would be fitting to add as premiums shooting HE as their standard ammo.
Т88 HMC (tier VI, TD, USA)
This beefed up M8 Scott would be very similar to the M18 Hellcat. Besides being very fast and having good camo, it would now have a howitzer to do damage even without penetrating hits.

Object 234 (tier VI, HT, USSR)
Very simple – take an IS-1 hull, put on a KV-1 turret, and install an U-11 howitzer.
M45 (tier VII, MT, USA)
A vehicle which is the embodiment of a medium tank – mobile and decently armored, just with a big gun. If nobody ever plated an M26 with the howitzer, this is the perfect occasion, just a tier lower.
M10 (tier VI, TD, China)
A Chinese version of the M10, just with an enormous howitzer. Many players like the M10, so this iteration would most likely be well received.
StuIG 33B (tier VII, TD, Germany)
Small, agile, invisible, and shooting HE. This modification of the traditional StuG would probably be a lot of fun for people who like the usual StuG.
Sturmpanzer IV (tier VII, TD, Germany)
A lot of players are waiting for this tank, and not necessarily as a premium tank. Will we ever see a line of Sturmpanzern? That we don’t know, but the KV-2 (R) was a precedent. Or you can just buy it in War Thunder.