WoT – HE Exclusive Premium Ideas

Our friends at WoT Express decided to gather together a few real tanks (not paper or prototypes) who would be fitting to add as premiums shooting HE as their standard ammo.
Т88 HMC (tier VI, TD, USA)
This beefed up M8 Scott would be very similar to the M18 Hellcat. Besides being very fast and having good camo, it would now have a howitzer to do damage even without penetrating hits.

Object 234 (tier VI, HT, USSR)
Very simple – take an IS-1 hull, put on a KV-1 turret, and install an U-11 howitzer.
M45 (tier VII, MT, USA)
A vehicle which is the embodiment of a medium tank – mobile and decently armored, just with a big gun. If nobody ever plated an M26 with the howitzer, this is the perfect occasion, just a tier lower.
M10 (tier VI, TD, China)
A Chinese version of the M10, just with an enormous howitzer. Many players like the M10, so this iteration would most likely be well received.
StuIG 33B (tier VII, TD, Germany)
Small, agile, invisible, and shooting HE. This modification of the traditional StuG would probably be a lot of fun for people who like the usual StuG.
Sturmpanzer IV (tier VII, TD, Germany)
A lot of players are waiting for this tank, and not necessarily as a premium tank. Will we ever see a line of Sturmpanzern? That we don’t know, but the KV-2 (R) was a precedent. Or you can just buy it in War Thunder.

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  1. Could give us the Sturmtiger to deal with type 5s and hulldown russian tanks.

      1. “never hit anything” lol. it firing a fuking rocket not just some big normal shells

    1. then you would love to know that there are 2 versions of it, the one above (T88) and it’s amphibious version (there’s also a similar version of the normal M18, the one armed with the 76mm gun), although it is fairly larger than the regular Hellcat

  2. I would be interested in the Sturmpanzer, but I wonder how effective such a tank would be. The SAu 40 is an example of a turretless TD with a howitzer, and it’s one of the worst tanks in the game afaik.

    1. I do not really know why you went with SAu 40 of ALL of them. On the very same tier there is Hetzer (105), StuG III B (105), T40 (105), Sav m/43 (105), Alecto (94mm)
      Out of these Hetzer is very popular due to the armor that is really great for for t4. And StuG is really great if your choice is mobility.

  3. If the game DOES NOT need anything, it is more tanks with HE shells as standard ammo.

  4. Here’s an Exclusive Premium Idea for WOT: fix the bloody premiums already in game and are total sh*t!
    When T34,IS6,KV5 and many others are broken and can’t win in a new environment made of imaginary Japanese monsters with zero skill derp super-guns.
    In all, I like derp guns, but they should be balanced as hell, too much to ask from WG, the devs are great at making either OP or totally useless derps. That’s how it is when you don’t really like playing your own game.

  5. Lets male it simple. Here is my suggestion:
    Tier 8 Premium Arty. The time is now. 😛

  6. How about the A38 Mk.II Valiant Mk.II with 254mm of frontal turret armour and the 95mm Howitzer? A paper project to be fair so how about the Churchill AVRE 165 L9 Demolition Gun or the Centurion AVRE 165 L9A1 Demolition Gun. Also the A41T Centurion with the 95mm Tank Howitzer.
    Or perhaps the Char 2C with the short 155mm howitzer. I imagine there are a range of other Soviet options given the popularity of mounting 122mm, 130mm and 152mm guns on Russian prototypes and paper projects.

    1. the same way i could suggest the T39/T39E2 (M46 converted with the same 165mm as the AVRE’s), the T118/T118E1 (this time on a M60, same gun) or the version based on the T95/96 tanks, never forgetting the M60A2 (155mm DERP) and it’s preceding prototype (M60 9B4470) or the test rigs of both turrets using the T95 chassis

  7. That first one, there WAS a project, much like the “Super Hellcat” with its Jackson turret and 90mm gun. To fit a Hellcat with a 105mm Howitzer from the Sherman tanks. So that could be a premium. But the one suggested there would be a more unique tank than just another hellcat in game.
    Would be nice if Warthunder added the 105 Hellcat tho >.>

  8. I like the idea and would support any thread made with it in the forums, although I would just suggest to not submit any idea for tanks below tier 5 (at least, idealy it would be Tier 6 to spare Tier 3 “noobs”/new players)

  9. While derp in high tier superheavy is a cancer, but I’ll welcome derp in fragile chassis at middle tier. Just make some tanks that is not exactly strong but fun (e.g Derp T49) and make some money.
    Derpcat, M45, Chinese M10, Chi-Derp, and maybe Stug might work. They also should not be given gold ammo

  10. little player …
    122 mm U-11
    2x 122 mm M-30
    T-39 n°8
    152 mm 1910/30 or 2X 107 mm 1910/30 + 3x 45 mm 20K
    T-39 n°7
    2x 152 mm 1910/30 or 4X 107 mm 1910/30 + 2x 45 mm 20K
    Self-propelled gun anti-fortifications:
    152 mm BR-2
    203 mm B-4
    203 mm B-4
    180 mm B-1-P
    and many more…
    M60A2 Starship
    165 mm M135 Démolition gun
    Curchill VII AVRE
    165 mm L9 Démolition gun
    Centurion Mk.5 AVRE
    165 MM L9 Délolition gun
    Sturmmörser Panther
    GrW 21cm 69
    Ferdinand Beutemörser
    GrW 21cm 69
    we can clearly have whole branch of tank destroyer with HE gun

  11. Very interesting proposals, one minor nitpick though: The Object 234 seems to be based on the KV-13.

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