CENTURION MK. 5/1 RAAC available – presale

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This Australian variant of the legendary Centurion is a great mix between assault capabilities and mobility. Packing a good gun, great penetration and depression characteristics as well as improved frontal armour, this medium Tier VIII tank embodies the greatness of the Commonwealth.

price is around 27€


15 thoughts on “CENTURION MK. 5/1 RAAC available – presale

  1. Has anyone who owns this thing noticed that it’s slower accelerating in all circumstances and terrain than normal Cent Mk.I despite the stats saying that it has the exact same terrain resistance and 2hp/ton extra p/w ratio?


  2. I’ve actually done a side-by-side comparison on mk1 and mk5 climbing the hill on mines, the cent 1 invariable gets to the top of the hill quicker, so yea, not just the game stats but the soft stat also lies now

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  3. People still buying tanks from WG? Or anything else, for the matter.

    # wallet closed – until the situation with pref MM is cleared, and my many powercreeped tanks are useful again.

    In other words: When my faith in the company is back, my wallet opens.

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  4. I want to have it, but on the other hand:
    – FV4202 is still fucked
    – FV201 is still gang raped
    – Primo Victoria is what FV202 should have been
    – I am chat banned for allegedly insulting players that are not cheaters

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