Presales: How Do They Work?

Every once in a while, new Premium vehicles are introduced to World of Tanks, and you might see a couple of them on the battlefield that you didn’t know about. Taking a look at the Premium Shop, you can’t seem to find the respective vehicle. There can be a multitude of reasons for this:

  • This vehicle is being tested
  • It’s a rare vehicle, unavailable for the public
  • Or the player acquired this vehicle through a presale!

What is a presale?

A presale is an opportunity for players to acquire a new Premium vehicle before it’s officially released. Normally, a vehicle enters a presale several days or even weeks before it’s available to everyone. Presales are only available for a select group of players.

How can I get access to a presale?

To be eligible for a presale, your account needs to have the Premium status. However, it does not matter how much Premium Account time is still left – it can be one hour or a year, there’s no difference. In case the presale starts and you only have a Standard Account, you can purchase Premium Account time to unlock the presales for yourself.

Find out more about Premium Account and its benefits here.

Now, let’s say you have a Premium Account, how can you access those special bundles? There are three possible options for you:

  • Portal: On our website, we will announce new vehicles when they are available in the Premium Shop. In the respective article, you will find the links to the offers. The links only work for you if you have a Premium Account, Standard Account owners will get a 404 error.
  • In-game: Once a presale starts, a screen will pop up in your garage informing you on and linking to the offers.
  • Premium Shop: If you get to know about the offers from a friend or clanmate, you can just go to the “Specials” section of the Premium Shop to see the offers. Keep in mind that you must be logged in as only accounts with an active Premium Account can see them.

0 thoughts on “Presales: How Do They Work?

  1. As long as whatever’s being sold becomes available to everyone with no strings attached, I have no problem with this presale policy. However, I’d rather we don’t reach the point where one *must* have prem account to be able to buy something (that is, either you have prem account, or you cannot buy whatever’s being sold).

  2. I’ve had premium running when most of them were sold like this. Did not see the ELC, did not see the Firefly, don’t even see this.

  3. Did they just add early access for premium tanks where you not only need to pay for them before they are done testing but also need to pay for a premium account ?
    Does that enable their policy of “no nerf to prem tanks once people pay for them” right away as well ?
    Did they single handedly kill balance of premium tanks (or what’s left of it, not like their testing is ever relevant anyway) with this ?

    1. This thing is hardly broken, it’s a stock Centurion 7/1 with the Griffon engine more or less, and I doubt anyone thinks the 20pdr is OP in Tier 8. I’d leave the ‘did balance suffer again’ question for when the 50TP prototyp comes out.

  4. remember kids…..there is also a chance to find codes for this tank in a box of Captain Crunch cereals

  5. WG: “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the public.”
    After they proved “one-time only” and “never be sold again” claims to be blatant lies, they go deeper into the infomercial style with the “exclusive pre-sale only for the chosen”.
    These guys think we are complete idiots. And as an owner of several pixel tanks payed with real money, I hardly blame them.
    How is it they don’t sell “WG’s snake oil! Miracle of modern science! Apply to your entire body for a better winrate and stats! Only for chosen Individuals like you, sir! And it really really works!”
    Or maybe they do, but I’m not in the exclusive presale club.

  6. I do have prem acc, I played several games … no presale offer appeared. Maybe WG think that 33 t8 prems in garage is enough for me?
    … fuk it. All this presale blabla.

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