Supertest: 53TP Markowskiego Initial Stats


Today we’re starting the Supertest of the third Polish progression vehicle: the 53TP Markowskiego, a Tier VIII heavy tank. It stands between Tier VI–VII mediums and slower (but better armored) Tier IX–X heavies.

The armor of the 53TP is pretty solid for its tier, and excellent when compared to that of its predecessors. Still, it won’t shield you from frontal damage like on Tiers IX–X. This tank is sort of transitional: its turret is sturdy, but its hull protection is mediocre, mostly saving you from lower tier tanks’ shells. With gun depression of -8° the 53TP will be good at terrain-based play, being able to make use of the most advantageous (and sometimes unexpected) positions.
We’re going to give the 53TP a 122mm gun dealing 420 points of alpha damage, a bit above other Tier VIII heavies with guns of comparable caliber. High alpha together with good gun depression are going to be the distinguishing features for top-tier Poles. Though the other parameters of the TP53 gun are pretty standard, it’s enough to make this tank a mean and dangerous heavy-hitter.

How do you play the 53TP Markowskiego? There are many ways, but the most comfortable one is getting on uneven terrain and relying on the solid turret armor. 420 points of alpha can hurt any opponent—including heavies—and the reload time isn’t painstakingly high. The 53TP can cope well both in the open and in the city; it’s a well-rounded vehicle with some nice perks.

The Supertest round will show how efficient this Polish tank is, and how engaging its gameplay is, too. We’ll check the battle stats of its gun thoroughly – and depending on the results, we may revise the tank’s stats or even its battle role.

40 thoughts on “Supertest: 53TP Markowskiego Initial Stats

  1. 420…..making t8s life much better isn’t it?

    Currently every new t8 has to be op/v.good compare to same tier but still POS against t9/10….working as intended.

    1. yeah, they keep insisting in the high alpha guns, I think that, if you exclude the Italian TT, the last 10 or so tanks they added either to the game or supertest, mostly the Soviet TT expansion tanks and now this Polish TT but also those leaked British tanks, all have high alpha damage
      in my opinion the game is already in a serious need for a overall reduction of AVG damage (maybe 15% to all guns) and a good increase of the HP pool (idealy enough so that a DERP 1 tier higher can only one-shot on a +25 roll), if they don’t reduce the number of high alpha guns they should at least increase by 30% the HP of every tank, WoWs has proved the players like the higher HP pools, specificaly the idea that it allows you to correct your mistake rather than being one-shoted all the time

  2. Any new Tier 8 tanks are now very OP compared to previous years and when there top tier in 3-5-7 the Tier 6 tanks will just get slaughtered

    Tier 6 will soon become like Tier 8 v T10’s where the top tiers piss all over the bottom tiers

    Game balance has long ago gone out of the window

    fuck sake those Russian fukbots Dev’s at WG are now just ‘making up the tank stats’ as they go along

    1. Is that the reason the AMX 65T with 20 dmg less but even better dispersion is OP? Pen. armor, mobility are all fine the only thing it hast is slightly better dmg and the same gun depression as non Sowjet tanks.

      1. He is not talking about dispersion but depression. Also the 65t has a huge tumor on its turret, which makes it bad. Not to mention the hulk which can be penned by tier VII tanks.

        1. The PL tank has 110 mm at the hull the AMX 100… also I just mentioned the dispersion because it is better than that of the PL tank. Depression is the same. The PL tank has also a cupola that looks easy to hit

          1. Hull armor doesn’t matter in this game.

            If this thing has a strong turret (and can only be reliably penned in cupola by most tier 8s) then this tank is op, period, end of discussion with those other soft stats. I’d have to see the armor model.

            The gun is accurate enough, pen is fine (as if pen matters because you can just press 2).

            The mobility is also good. 420 alpha is huge.

            this can easily rival Defender if the turret is as strong as defender turret.

            1. “Hull armor doesn’t matter in this game.”
              “If this thing has a strong turret (and can only be reliably penned in cupola by most tier 8s) then this tank is op, period, end of discussion” So then by your own arguments the following tanks are op.

              Chrysler K

              Of course 420 alpha is huge but that is the trade gud gun ok depression but the rest is on par with other tanks

              Is it a good tank? Yes
              is it OP? Not in my eyes

              1. what do you expect from this dude ? this game sure has a lot of problems, but he complains about everyfuckingsinglething in the game, even the fucking fv215 183. So of course, this new tier 8 tank must be OP to him too.

                1. 183 isnt op, but its bad for the game.

                  one shotting tier 10 tanks is a good mechanic?

                  youre just some shitter who memes around in type 5/4005 and thinks its good for gameplay.

                  1. How 183 technically is different from autoaders? It’s meant to punish enemy mistakes, break stalemates and help to hold flanks. Pretty much what arty is supposed to do. It has a perfect place in the game.

                    1. It’s a meme gimmick tank. HE/HESH is a broken mechanic in general.

                      Killing tier 8 + tanks in one second isn’t good gameplay, combine that with a bush and you can just instagib tanks without even being spotted. You can hit 300 mm of armor and still do 500 dmg, zero aim or brain required, prevents sidescraping, and is just a dice-roll mechanic (whether you pen or not) – basically same logic as arty, RNG based shit, sometimes you hit and one shot something, sometimes you miss by a mile.

                      How is that a good thing?

                      Autoloaders cant delete tanks in one second.

                    2. Arguably autloloaders are even more broken by your logic. Because 183 mm guns are just RNG meme launchers, a lot of the times you can’t hit shit even at a close range. While autoloaders have multiple shiots and can finish off multiple enemies at once and can still do a lot of damage to a single target even if they miss/bounce some of their shots. Not to mention that most of the autoloaders have armor/mobility, so they can actually do something on the battlefield besides clipping tanks. 215b and 4005 only have their RNG guns and that’s it, most of the time they can’t even defend themselves.

              2. Can you read dumb shit?

                “If this thing has a strong turret (and can only be reliably penned in cupola by most tier 8s) then this tank is op, period, end of discussion with those other soft stats. I’d have to see the armor model.”


                1. I agree. All tanks need rebalance. Remove high alpha cancer guns on tier 8 to beginn with. Most HTs had 300-320 dmg back in the days, 390 and 400 was maximum and it should be kept that way. You don’t solve tier powercreep by making it worse, you solve it by nerfing tier 9 and 10 tanks so they fit the gameplay better.

                  High alpha is never good for the game because it limits people from taking risks and playing active. Nobody wants to trade with a high alpha tank to beginn with.

                  When I started to play the game, you learned to trade with tanks in order to outplay them and win the engagement, and you could most of the times, even with some tier 9 and 10 tanks in your tier 8 if you were forced to. But these days you can’t even trade with same tier tanks because they have too much alpha, add on top of that general powercreep and gold ammo spam and you realize how retardedly huge the gap is between tanks.

                  T34 and is3 were two of the most dangerous tier 8 HTs back in the days to trade with, now days 390 and 400 alpha is nothing we have several tier 8 HTs with 400 and 440 alpha and some of them dont have any weakspots for guns with less than 200mm pen.

                  I have always been a fan of lower alpha guns, but with better pen and gun handling. It makes it rewarding to aim weakspots, track and flank. With high alpha guns with bad gunhandling, it is all about RNG and loading gold i.e. dumbing down the gameplay.

                  Tank balance was more intelligent before, not only did WG keep to historical armor models and modules mostly, they also balanced the tanks more sane. They should and must rebalance all tanks added the last 4 years to keep them to the same standards as older tanks in the game e.g. tiger II, t32, indien panzer etc. On tier 8 of course.

                  1. Wargaming is only looking to make money, so they keep introducing new OP tanks, becaues if they dont, nobody will bother to grind them (Which they do with prem accounts) – same with prem tanks, if they arent op, nobody will buy them, or so they think.

                    So yeah, they don’t care about balance. Hence Tiger 2, Is4, and a million other older tanks at all tiers that they just dont care about.

                    The Pref MM removal idea is good, but only if they rebalance the pref mm tanks properly (Which they wont, they’ll be trash still im guessing, KV5 vs Defender trollololololololol)

                    1. So you’re saying that real life HE and HESH shells are also a broken mechanic? Use your brain for a second and shut up.

  3. “How do you play the 53TP Markowskiego? There are many ways”

    …like an IS-3 that is not blind and has gun depression? Many ways indeed.

    1. Description: Design stolen in 1953 by Jan ‘Sticky Hands’ Stealowski. Given to PL monkey researchers who flang poo on the blueprint. The result was a legit no Russian (we swear) Kirovets-1_PL.

  4. This tank will be OP of course. PL is a huge playerbase so they must release OP heavys. It makes no sense in these days for WG to relese a balanced tier 8 HT, because then nobody would play it like nobody is playing the amx 65, ever though it is better than e.g. kv4 and tiger II.

    This tenk will have good mobility and alpha and turret, so no hull armor wont matter so much. It has 420 alpha, which is alot for a tier 8 HT having good mobility. Armor is not “so relevant” when you have good turret, gun depression, alpha and pen. If players would care about the value of armor they would not shoot any gold ammo at all to beginn with.

    I would rather want this tank to have a traditional 320 alpha gun, like the older HTs had. To keep the tank more in line with how tier 8 HTs should be balanced. Right now there are too many high alpha guns in the game. Alpha needs to be lowered and gun handling and standard pen better in order to make risk taking less serious and reduce the use of gold ammo.

    390 dmg should be max on tier 8 and 440 max on tier 10, except for tanks like e100 and is7.

    1. PL is a huge playerbase. But it also has most noobs, cheaters and bots. And above all, the youngest players. Hence the low level of IQ….

        1. Yeah demand some compensation from Seb. Perhaps he has some Zlotys lying around lol

    1. *die.
      English is something you are all bad at. I’m surprised this Pawel troll can complete a whole sentence. But autocorrect does wonders.

        1. And you to the Russians and Germans. The Russians are just waiting to conquer you again.

  5. Oh, look. WG still makes huge piles of Crap.
    But hey, Steam has so many good games. So, FU WG. Keep your shit.

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