WGNA on its EULA

CabbageMechanic, Senior Community Manager

„It is unfortunate that there is some very poor reporting being done, because this section of the EULA is not new and will not change how we treat anyone.  Here is a link to the 2015 EULA which contains the same language.  

Regarding the SirFoch incident, that was sparked by an erroneous and regrettable statement made by an employee who had neither the authority nor ability to go through with placing copyright strikes on anyone.  It has never been and will never be our policy to make copyright strikes against content creators, and we have directly apologized for one of our staff making the implication.

The section of the EULA currently being discussed is aimed specifically at giving us properly codified recourse against “fan” sites who use WoT logos/other things alongside other content that we might find objectionable.  To use examples that have actually happened, neo-Nazi propaganda and pornography.  We have not and will continue to not take any such actions against legitimate fansites who happen to criticize Wargaming.

To anyone who thinks we make a habit of exercising censorship against critical viewpoints, I encourage you to spend literally any time at all in this General Discussion forum.  We remove and sanction posts that violate forum rules (Mainly inappropriate language, incitement of harassment, and people who wear socks with sandals), but critical opinions are fair game.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and hope to see you on the battlefield.”


18 thoughts on “WGNA on its EULA

  1. WG = The modern legal nazi’s. They like feedback yes, as long as it’s positive. i got 3 warnings and then 2w ban on the EU forum for nothing special, ‘negative feedback about the pref-mm scam’

      1. Censoring someone who said something that made you upset is still censorship

        And when it comes to companies like WG you have start a fire to get their attention

        (Still the best way to communicate with them is not spending your money on the bullshit they pull)

      2. This got me banned, “So sad, when the company and the kids who run the forum can’t handle unhappy customers and complaints, and start deleting posts and giving warnings for nothing haha, manny momma’s will be proud of you all”

        1. I would count that as a personal insult, tbh. Just for the future reference, don’t make any claims towards WG employees or forum mods. They hate that. A lot of people critisize WG and their bullshit but they’re not getting banned.

  2. Who cares about WOT NA anyways, the biggest playerbase is in russia and in europe. All Wg staff are boons, why do they even work for WG they get shit salary anyways. Better to let the gamea die so we can watch (i)legal porn on our fri tim instead.

  3. yeah you cant post anything negative about this game on their forum.

    ruski blyat.

    1. Have you read the forums at all? It’s full of window lickers who think they know everything about game balancing and they are always ready to tell you what a shitty and greedy company WG is and how they are ruining the game, 24/7. Nobody is banning these fucks, nobody cares about them. The civilized world now is living by Huxley, not by Orwell.

      1. The forums are full of Wargaming shills and brown nosing faggots that only post comments to boost their pathetically low self esteem and overinflated egos, and who can pnly get their rocks off by ridiculing anyone with a legitimate criticism of Wargamings ultrabad games, player hostile business decisions and customer relations. Especially the WoT forum are filled with cum guzzling shills that hardly ever play the games themselves and with forum comment count close to or above their games played count.
        Wargaming is more like an organised crime enterprise than a legitimate business.

  4. Think what you want about them, this is some quality public response. That sandal joke cracked me up.

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