WoT Supertest – Object 268 Version 4 – More Nerfs

WG seems to have found a new target for bullying balancing, since they are nerfing the 268 V4 once again in the new ST iteration.

  • Aim time changed from 1.92 s to 2.4 s (2.21 s in the first ST iteration)
  • Changed the engine power from 1500 to 1350 HP
  • Power-to-weight ratio changed from 20 to 18 hp/t
  • Reduced reverse speed from 22 km/h to 20 km/h
  • Increased the bloom from moving and turning from 0.115 to 0.153 (0.144 in the first ST iteration)
  • Increased the bloom from moving and turning at maximum speed from 6.33 to 7.67 (7.91 in the first ST iteration)
  • Increased the bloom when turning the hull at max speed from 2.65 to 3.38 (3.31 in the first ST iteration)


  • Increased the gun moving bloom from 0.096 to 0.115
  • Reduced the HP from 2100 to 2000
  • Reduced the traverse speed from 23 °/s to 22 °/s
  • Decreased the maximum speed from 55 km/h to 50 km/h
  • Reduced the gun laying speed from 31.3 °/s to 29.2 °/s


66 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Object 268 Version 4 – More Nerfs

  1. Oh wow. I think they are having a bit too much fun there. Not a fan of some of the changes at all.

        1. not the worst? so whats the worst a type 5? e-100? explain xD, have heavy tank armor, td alpha/pen, and medium tank mobility (hmmmm) i wonder whats worst thonke

  2. It was too OP, the speed of balancing though, it makes me wonder why they introduced it in such a poor (read OP) state at first place.
    I find it good, it is too OP.
    I only feel sorry for tge guys that had to do all that grinding to get it….

  3. needed change. Dont own it, hate having to fight it. Good players and Unicums wreck in that way to easy.

  4. Or just make the cupola 200mm thick so people can fight back without a fully working brain.

    The tank isnt too powerful, it’s too hard to kill. The dpm and accuracy is bad enough as it is, they’re just making the tank stats go from bad to terrible while leaving the armor overall unchanged. It’ll still ram people for 500dmg and hit them in the face while facehugging them.

    Another tank slowly but steadily getting ruined because fucktards cant aim and WG cant understand their own game. I never had any problem against this tank except in tier 8s, qnd tier 8s arent supposed to fight it head to head, thus why it turns like a Maus : to flank.
    Blame it on the map and people’s laziness rather than on the tank. The tank is fine, peopne just forgot how to aim at weakspots instead of firing gold at the center of mass of the ennemies.

    1. Yeah, it’s better letting it be as it is currently because some retards can’t play a balanced tank and the only way of fun they get is bullying every single tank they meet in their insanely OP tank.

      1. This tank needs to get within 100m of you to hit you. If at 100m you can’t get a hit on the cupola you have problems and deserve to get bullied by it.
        I rape this tank when I see it. Only tier 8 really suffer, and again that’s because I don’t fire much gold, otherwise I’d be way over the 250mm required to pen it. Just aim ffs.

        1. What kind of insane hair brained logic is this? It can’t hit anything past 100m, but you’re also an idiot if you can’t hit the cupola past 100m?

          WTF? this thing’s accuracy isn’t THAT bad

        2. That’s bullshit. You need to get in less than 100 meters to hit that rangefinder weakspot. And than you still have to aim for 3 seconds before you handover your shell to RNGsus.

          The Bobject doesn’t have to aim, because the standard shell will penetrate anywhere on the most tanks he will encounter. .42 acc will not prevent him drom wrecking you.

          And flanking him is only a viable tactic during endgames on three or dour maps.

    2. ” I never had any problem against this tank except in tier 8s, qnd tier 8s arent supposed to fight it head to head, thus why it turns like a Maus : to flank.”

      How are you supposed to flank a tank that goes 55kpm in a tunnel?

  5. “Oleg: Ivan, the cows are complaining that the 268 v4 is too OP.
    Ivan: I have an idea Oleg, bring me a bottle of babushkas vodka and the nerf hammer, time to nerf a tank to the ground.”

    1. Nerf to the ground? It’s the most OP vehicle I’ve ever encountered in WoT. The nerfs above are not even enough to make it balanced. It will still be OP if they don’t add more nerfs.

      1. nah i stopped playing this game becuase i dislike WGs balance and gameplay policy in general with all the bullshit p2w prems, chinese super HTs and constant russian bias, my WR was 53% the last time i checked 🙂

  6. I think everybody who started grinding this thing for being most op vehicle ever, deserves a punishment.

  7. Now are we talking something WG. Good work. Maybe some more nerfs. Cupola 230-210/220 maybe, so tier 8 tanks dont need to fire gold at the tank. Not all tier 8 tanks has over 230 pen.

    1. By conventional logic you would be absolutely right- the simplest and most effective way to solve this problem would just be to eviscerate the armor and rebalance to let the v4 be a conventional fast, stealthy, sniping TD. There’s only one small problem, WG would have to do the same to the rest of the line to fit their new philosophy of “all tanks in a line have to be clones of eachother”. And if that happens, then the whole line rework would essentially be undone.

      To be clear, I think the 263 line changes were pure down syndrome. But WG isn’t ready to admit that the glaring 57% WR on the v4 proves it. So they’ll compromise, try to nerf superficially and hope that it’ll work out. But even they now see how stupid 9.22 was. Our job is to ensure they never forget it.

      1. Easy to do, make the bottom half or 1/3 of the lower plate pennable so it effectively plays like a 263. The change to the tiny lower lower plate they are doing does nothing because it is really hard to hit and will still ricochet at many angles. Thats what they need to do and not these gun nerfs that only make the tank more frustrating to play.

      2. They don’t even need to change how it plays, honestly. There are plenty of tanks with good armor and mobility that aren’t op. This thing simply has too much of both. They need to take a sizeable chunk off each, but can still keep both of them good.

        I think lower plate should be flattened a bit, cupola should be weaker. Top speed should be about 40/15, power to weight around 15. Honestly, I don’t think the tank would be a problem if they did that, but should still be strong.

  8. i just went up against 2 newly buffed M60’s that did nothing but hit that lovely 2 button which renders all sorts of armour useless including the 268 V4 which i was driving, and they were only able to hit my very well sloped plates and guess what they still penned. they really needed tht gold ammo pen buff

    1. You understand that the majority of even the most heavily armored tanks, is useless vs gold ammo right?

      E100, Type 5, Maus, JPE 100, E3, IS7, IS4 ( “well armored” tier 10 tanks) all penned in LARGE/EASY to hit in MULTIPLE frontal locations with gold ammo (~330 pen), EASILY.

      Armor is a meme because premium ammo has way too much pen on it.

      Remove gold ammo, rebalance normal shells and armor, its not that hard, why the fuck do we have even have premium ammo in the first place? Oh, its because someone at WG fucked up and made armor on some tanks too thick. Same concept as preferential matchmaking, its a band aid because they fucked up and made some tanks totally beyond shit so they added pref MM to them to “Balance”

      Actual quotes from WG executives when they made premium ammunition:

      Exec 1 – “Blyat comrad, dis tank not penetrate”

      Exec 2 – “Dont worry comrad, i maek new ammoz for u, u pen all”

      1. Gold ammo was made for credits before armor was buffed or maps changed into corridors.

  9. Okay, now at least they won’t be able to YOLO in 55 km/h while snapshotting. Still going to be a beast vehicle, but with less bully/flexing ability.

  10. Aint enough, needs more nerf.
    It can easily hold any corner of the map and make it impossible to be flanked.
    And the OP things about it , just drive upon the people snapshoting and facehugging!
    The people who say it isnt OP are the same who doesnt see that if IS7 had wings it would FKN FLY!
    AND the same goes for the jokes with russian shells guided from stallin hitting from 250m away moving and turning turret, people just dont realize that 25 % RNG its just an excuse to rig the game…

  11. Good job WG, seriously, they made a mistake, now it’s corrected, better late than never. How it happened in the first place, good question. Did somebody said “supertesters conspiracy”?

    Personally, I suspected evil WG, making overbuff tanks all run to gain, then moving the magic treatment to a different tank, cashing in. Pleasantly surprised that’s not the case.

    1. everytime i see Jp heavies, i press 2 and they die in 1 min. I don’t want WG to nerf them, i want WG to remove their stupid HE gun and buff the AP gun instead

      1. I would like for them to be removed and replaced with something whose armor profile doesn’t turn the playstyle into “smash head on keyboard”. I mean, it’s a superheavy that can’t even be angled, who thought of that?

  12. I used gold that I paud real cash for to xp it based on what I played in common test. That means I am due a full cash refund on that gold plus my silver back coz they changed it

    1. They can change whatever they like about the tank, and you can’t claim a thing.
      That has only ever applied to prem tanks.
      Go read the terms and conditions…

      1. Expert in consumer law in my county then? Here, if a TV was five years old and two years out of warranty and broke we have the right to a full refund or replacement. This is because you could reasonably expect a TV to last at keast five years. Consumer law is strong and overides company policy.

    2. xD u are kinda funny, arent u? Following Ur logic they wouldnt bei allowed to Nerf one Tank …. Btw u are free to use Gold to XP it, so it doesn’t Count. This law Just Counts for only-gold Premium Tanks Like Defender or so

  13. Those people who say that the obj 268 v4 does not need nerfs are peobably the same people who play their pz 2 J everyday

  14. Yeah, this thing needed a nerf. Sure. But why the f**k did they have to mess with this line in the first place? They didn’t have to ntroduce the Obj 268 v4 at all in the first place The Obj 263 at tier 10 was perfectly balanced and a ton of fun to play if you knew what to do in it.

    1. Man the old 263 was amazing to play. Fast, accurate gun, monster dpm, and required a brain to played right. But WG really need it to fuck up the line 😐

  15. a tank with the mobilty of an obj 140 and armor of one E-100 needed those changes, imo. I believe the strongest impact will come from the nerf of its mobility. It will play more similar to jpz E 100 now, but with lower alpha. This case shows briliantly that a tank which is balanced (ex tierX obj263) you should not touch it, just cause its not popular. It was way more balanced…

  16. Comparing it to other armored TD’s. It’s mobility needs to be cut down on even more. Reverse speed should be 15 at the most. And top speed 45, and the power to weight down to 15 too. Then it might look as something. I don’t find the armor OP. It’s the armor and mobility combo I find OP about it. As now he even gets up the HT line before most meds, or even traverses with them when they flank it. No one complains about the T95 armor. As even slow tanks can outplay it in a 1 on 1.

  17. they only needed to nerf the traverse speed and engine power, cause the sec you get tracked or they get on your side you’re fucked, shooting and hitting on the move was imposible anyway, and fair enough about the HP nerf though it makes little sense. But the biggest and most needed nerf was the topspeed, to be able to go 55 in a 75 ton tank is just moronic, the obj 268 V4 was the only russian TD to be able to outrun a french TD and or even catch up to it which made playing the Foch B pointless since the 268 V4 has Badger level armour and over Foch speed.

  18. This isn’t enough. Why don’t wg just nerf it’s armor with grille 15 armor, nerf it’s mobility with T95 mobility and nerf it’s gun with arty accuracy and 650 dpm ?

    Seriously wg shouldn’t release this td in the first place.

  19. This is a game they play. The real question isn’t how best to nerf it, the question is what will be the next T10 monster that will launch millions of grinds.

  20. I quit playing this game and my life has improved by no less than 13000%.

    Way too enraging.

    If they removed arty id probably play again despite the shit game balance.

  21. I never understand why tanks appear on live server that are either UP or OP, what kind of monkeys are working at WG actually? Also how come all tier 8 premiums are better then tech tree tanks, why can’t WG manage to make tanks which are balanced? They must do this by purpose, I hope they are not so stupid to just make the same mistakes time after time.

    1. … They’ve made the same mistakes multiple times.

      Basically all the new tanks are either OP as hell or shit.

      See 268 4, 430U, WZ 5A, Super conqueror – all overpowered as hell.

      Then you have the PZ KPFW VII which is awful. As are the chinese TDs.

      Pretty sure the 705/705A are pretty shit too.

  22. They don’t know how to nerf it …

    Just reduce cupola armor and enlarge the lower glassis. Add a reverse speed nerf to 10-12Km/h and see what it does.

  23. This tank is ebola aids herpes cancer of the eyes. You Serb sausage sucking morons that think it’s balanced need to take your chins off his balls, demount the double-headed backside penetrators you’ve buried elbow deep in your asses and then dive into freeway traffic after setting yourselves on fire.

    1. A very balanced response fuwg.

      Have you applied for any vacancies under the Trump administration…I am sure you will do very well…

    2. you are everything that is wrong with WoT.
      such toxicity & mild racism wrapped up in a neat little meme so you can lol it.

  24. This tank is ebola aids herpes cancer of the eyes. You Serb sausage sucking morons that think it’s balanced need to take your chins off his balls, demount the double-headed backside penetrators you’ve buried elbow deep in your asses and then dive into freeway traffic after setting yourselves on fire.

  25. What does it matter if some tank are a little bit more OP than others as long as there is same number of them on both sides? After all this is a team game. At least V4s may force SOME team game and not bunch of individual efforts with other OP tanks like russian meds or other skill tanks equipped with impenetrable turrets and 330 gold pen.

  26. The Obj. 268 4 don’t need a nerf.

    People just need to know how to fight against them. That’s the point.

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