Gianluigi Buffon Italian Crew Sounds


15 thoughts on “Gianluigi Buffon Italian Crew Sounds

  1. I find all this Italian-soccer promotion demeaning and ludicrous. Should just gone with the usual Italian stereotype – old mafia don. I would love a mafia crew, with Sicilian accent.

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  2. I want a SerB crew sound mod rather than a crew sound mod featuring someone that not everyone even knows (not everyone is a fan from football/soccer).

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    1. Imagine what will happen with Serb sound pack…
      – Bounce: “You’re funny, I nerf you last”
      – Target destroyed: “How terrible”

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    1. I assume this was just a feeble attempt at being funny. If – God forbid – it wasn’t and you were actually serious, you should refrain from posting on the internet. Or handle sharp or flammable objects for that matter.

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      1. Even if that were true….i guess playing on a field of tards makes it easy to be good.

        Time to go put a screen door on your submarines now, off you go.


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