Centurion Mk.5 / 1 RAAC available on RU

BUT, you either must have at least 20 premium tanks already or to have an active premium account!

Centurion Mk5 1 RAAC

Price around 26€.

Source: Rykoszet


47 thoughts on “Centurion Mk.5 / 1 RAAC available on RU

  1. “but, you must have an active premium account or 20 premium tanks”
    Fuck you wargaming, cheap scum, you better not do this on NA/EU. this is the same as bundling it with stupid shit some of us dont need or want


          1. They make you buy something to be able to buy something else, and that’s ok with you, because “it’s just one day of premium time”? Jesus Christ, idiots like you are the reason companies can do whatever the fuck they want nowadays.


    1. This is an excellent idea to reward players who are loyal to the game. If you have played awhile accumulating 20 Premium tanks is easy with give aways and marathons.

      Only ignorant cheapskates who want something for nothing such as Diadtec will be upset, and since they have not spent anything (nor thought of the tiny cost of buying a single day of premium), they deserve to be upset.


      1. You dont seem to understand why I’m angry. What really pisses me off is how they go about subversively forcing people to buy additional useless items in order to get what you want. What happens is that wargaming sometimes makes tanks only available bundled with other stuff, when you dont want that extra stuff, and people tend to get angry on the forums because of this.

        So what does wg do? They dont make it a “bundle”, but there is a catch: you need to buy additional content SEPARATELY, but because it isnt “bundled”, they think it’s different somehow.

        Dont get me wrong, I can’t care less about an extra $5 for a week of prem time, what pisses me off is that wg is basically saying “our customers are retarded, so lets re-market our bundle policy and make it separate but still necessary to purchase the tank”

        And you know what? I bet a lot of people will fall for that

        This does not affect the whales (that probably have an endless stream of premium time), but hurts a lot of the occasional purchasers slightly.

        You should be concerned too, because wg is testing how much shit they can get away with, and will slowly increment this action until it gains massive attention, then move on to the next tactic. The cent RAAC is marginally better in all aspects than the cent 1, and better in some areas than the primo victoria, while having absolutely no drawbacks. Quickybaby gave it a pass because it was marginal, but wg is testing the waters before it goes balls deep screwing everyone over in future deals, which will have these exact characteristics but more extreme

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        1. People who can’t afford a premium account are very likely people who can not afford a premium tank in the first place. So this is much ado about nothing.

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        2. I think we’re taking a game of toy tanks a little too seriously? Forcing me to buy it? I think not and I won’t be getting it because I don’t need it or want it.

          The vast majority of sales in the EU or NA appear to have options of big bundles, little bundles or no bundles (the current Cromwell B and ISU122S for instance) Perhaps they will sell the RAAC in this ‘must have xxx’ but once again we have the option of not buying it.

          In the end -Its only a silly little video game


      2. So your definition of loyalty is based on how much you spend on game. Probably you are more loyalty with you 50k+ battles thanks me with 80k+ battles.


    2. Oh no!
      How dare they make it so only people that have already invested in their game are able to buy something that those that haven’t can’t!

      Go cry in a corner somewhere…


    3. I think there’s been a misunderstanding. It’s not that it’s exclusive to people who have 20+ premiums or a premium account.

      It’s early access. If you meet either prerequisit then you can purchase the tank before it becomes available to everyone.

      In a week or two it will be available to everyone. It’s incentive but not a forced requirment.

      So your anger is a bit unwarrented


    4. Ok, so one day of premium costs:
      NA: $1.50
      EU: 1.26 Euros
      RU: 94,33 Rubles

      If they had tacked that price on the tank, would you have still bought it you wanted it? The amount you entitled children you are complaining, you’d think they just kicked your puppy out a window. I hate WG, and even I think this is a totally reasonable thing to do, rewards long time players, and lets people who have not played with a premium account see if the in game time saved is worth the monetary cost.

      This is not one of their $200 bs pay walls like they have done in the past. if they had, said “$1.50 off if you are a current premium account holder or have 20 premium/reward tanks in your garage” but they had adjusted the price to the price including one day of premium, would you be complaining as much? Same price two ways of looking at how they could have marketed it.

      If you do not have a current premium account, you are probably not buying premium vehicles anyway.


  2. don’t know exactly why but I like the look of this Centurion, I think it’s because it actually feels like a war machine with all the extras/supplies, although it’s missing the bags of the crew members, I think it is worth the money just for the looks alone
    additionally there’s never “too many” Centurions in the game, in fact I believe they could even add 1 more at Tier 7 (non-premium), since the Panther has more armour (80mm vs 76/73mm, same as the Easy 8 at tier 6) on the same tier and the gun (17pdr) is available in the game from Tier 6 with the Firefly


    1. I agree there could easily be a tier 7 cent 1 17lb. The reality is tiger 2 should be a tier 7 and tiger 1 should be tier 6 in the tech tree. Also tier 7 is probably most fun tier for premiums right now.


      1. There’s the case of the FV 201. It essentially is a 17 pounder Cent at T7, though you do have to squint a little for the visuals to align properly (it’s a prototype version of the Caern hull, so the suspension is different).
        On the rest, I agree. The historical Tiger I works like a charm in it’s T6 premium incarnations, same for the VK 4503 at T7, as a Tiger II stand-in. It always irked me how the tanks that were designed to compete with either Tiger I or Tiger II on equal footing are on the exact same tier and still get gun-upgrades, while Tiger I and Tiger II get minor gun-upgrades and their armor completely negated.


  3. more armor more mobility and better gun than the standard centurion ?

    back when I started the premium tanks were worse than standard vehicles and meant to just grind money the game was fun and I spent some money
    now the new premiums are even better than the almost new premiums (primo vic) that are already better as standard vehicles

    This game gets worse and worse


    1. As long as premiums are about the same level as the tech tree tanks I can’t see the problem. We can choose to grind out 200k xp over several days or work that time instead and buy the tank.


      1. The problem is you wont get many new player in the game imagine you stock grind random tier 8 tank as standard account player in centurion 1 and then face this tank or other new premiums with superior crew its like 1 vs 2

        doubt the playerbase is increasing in this game since a lot of time anymore it seems they are just milking their cashcows and then shut down the game for a new one this would make sense at least

        Dont understand who could anybody still spend money in this game


        1. I think the point about new players is much more important than what we think about any particular premium tank. Buy the premium or don’t it’s not an issue but how do we encourage new players?

          GIVE them stuff for their first 1000 games, 100% crews WITH sixth sense and let them move these tank to tank with no penalty. A set of basic equipment (binos, camo net, tool box etc) There are so many sad seal clubbers out there with 3-4 skill crews fully equipped that new players need all the help they can get. Maybe restrict the number of low tier games a 10K player can get into or don’t let them earn xp, credits from clubbing games?


      2. I think your maths mught be off. This tank would cost about 12 minutes work if looking at post-tax income, and 18 minutes of work for taxable income.


        1. 25€/18 min?
          that is 3000€/week
          where the fuck do you live?

          at an average 5€/h ( spain)
          you need almost a full day of work to afford the tank


  4. If people can afford the tank itself surely then can afford a 1 day of premium too to be qualified for the offer. I don’t understand the butthurt in the comments.

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      1. The money is there to be spent. Some of it for the everyday needs like food and bills, and some for pleasure. If the very act of buying a premium tank gave you some degree of pleasure or satisfaction then it was money well spent, and the tank fulfilled it’s purpose, regardless of the exact way it did it. No need to feel stupid about it.


      2. Wish I’d been smarter earlier! But the Xmas boxes made me stop and think why am I spending money on pixel tanks (but only AFTER I bought some of the damned things!) Unless something very, very special comes up for sale, the only thing I’m buying now is premium time.


  5. These guys are stupid. ,,Must have atleast 20 prems or tanks”.
    I am not giving any more money for these scumbags.
    + This tank is probably Copy=Paste with reworked model,and new name.Maybe SOME parameters are different.
    These guys are just scumbags


    1. It is actually much better than a regular Centurion 1(better hull armor,better engine from what I can remember),which is BS.Would be better if it was a copy-paste tank,that’s for sure.


      1. Am just saying that these guys are scumbags.I cant afford prem tanks,even if i could,i wouldnt give even a buck to these scumbags.
        Copy+Paste=Easy Money for WG
        Game is getting worse and worse.
        This game should be for fun,getting stress out of you,prem tanks for money grinding.But nah…this game makes even more stress,and prem’ tanks’ earning are lowered.Now they are f***.
        Yes,I reposed what player ,,sippi81” said,because he is right.This game gone worse!
        These scumbags just want money,and no improving the game.
        I would be happy if i would see an premium tank like ISU-122S or this Cent 5 RAAC or any premium tank in my Gifts page,because i CANT afford premium tanks,and i only got 3 tier VIII.
        And i would be very respectful (and i will remember that person) to anybody who would’ve gifted me a premium tank.
        I know.I said that i wouldnt give even a buck for these scumbags,but i seriously need premium tanks.
        IF somebody would buy me a premium tank,send it on _SpartanWarrior_.I will be very happy to see that.

        _SpartanWarrior_ out.


        1. If you can’t afford to buy premium tanks, why even bother cry about WG only available to people that can, or those with prem account, for a tank you’ve already told us you can’t afford to buy?
          Are you retarded? Seriously?

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        2. play a guitar (or a recording of) sitting on a pavement with your begging cap while :- you pretend to sing
          waiting for cartoon premium tanks for free as gifts just for you, as your so disadvantaged and cant make ends meet,- but a nice for free T8 Premium will make ‘all your life better and forever
          …………. in a free to play game


  6. Well looks like I have 46 and 23 of them cost me nothing, free tanks , mission reward ranks , most of the rest where either very very cheap or last chance to buy before being removed tanks that I really wanted, so for any one who has been playing this game for years 20 premium tanks is just a whole bunch of free tanks,
    But if you see the free tanks as free garage slots you have no one to blame but your self’s.

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