Update 1.0.1: Redesigned Province

Source: Portal

Remember how the Province map, with its layout and spawning points, made camping an efficient tactic for the map? We addressed these systemic issues ahead of the Italian Tech Tree release! The map got significantly redesigned to ramp up the gameplay pace, while also increasing the map size. As it returns for Tier IV-X vehicles, we invite you to rediscover this battlefield.


  • Sizes: 850×850 m
  • Mode: Standard Battles
  • Season: Summer
  • Vehicles: Tiers IV-X

Key Improvements

Increased size: The new Province has enough space to accommodate Tier X tanks, while retaining one of its trademark features: long shoot-through areas across the central valley. Eastern and western ridges are approximately 560 m from each other, which allows both teams to keep track of enemy movements using scouts.

Split pathway on the east flank: Mountain ridges on the east flank used to be a deadly trap for the team spawning in the south. Those who tested their luck and made it up the serpentine road ended up being overwhelmed by the northern team. We fixed it by splitting the pathway from the mountain into two parts: one for attackers and the other for defenders. If you’re at the south camp, send some punchy allies to the opposite pathway, then take a few teammates and drive uphill. This opposite path offers a clear view at the newly added open area right between the two ridges. The mates you sent there can keep northerners at bay, meticulously squashing their attempts to take over the area.

New cover spots: When the northern team was readying to capture the enemy base, they were often met with a downpour of shells from tankers positioned on mountain pathways. Now, northerners can find cover behind newly added buildings, which should also force the southern team to move downhill and meet opposition head-on.

Gameplay Summary

The redesigned Province plays like a loop. Each team splits into two parts: one group defends their ridge and offers support, while the second one attempts to cross the gorge’s snaking roads to assault the ridge controlled by their opponents. Although this tactic might leave them exposed to enemy scouts, the risk pays off if they take over the opposite ridge and establish attack positions there. It’s just one of many ways to play this map. It’s also a good idea to secure cover spots by the enemy ridge and funnel opponents into the gorge. Or you can take the long snaking road and pick off enemies head-to-head. Whichever tactics you choose, it won’t leave you pointlessly camping until the timer runs out.