Smokescreen in WoT!

In the latest update, along with the new game mode called Frontline, there will be a few new elements, including those that have been seen so far only in other games like World of Warships. One of such elements is, for example, the smokescreen. So far, this is something that we can use only in this mode, but who knows whether it will not be present in the future during clan battles? Below is a short video with a smoke demonstration. As for the stats of the smokescreen, we have them below:

Cooldown: 320 seconds
Delay: 5 seconds
Area (length, width): 200m x 50m
Squares on the map: 5
Duration: 30 seconds


14 thoughts on “Smokescreen in WoT!

  1. Oh great, we’ve been asking for smoke [a device and tactic used ALL OVER during WW2 by armor!] FOREVER and they put it in this new gimpy mode that noone will want to play anyway.


    Fucking Russians man. Got their finger on what we want -_-

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    1. I’m pretty sure that EVERYBODY will play this mode, because it’s for tier 8 so you farm exp and credits there more easily. And apparently it’s also fun. And modes like this are always a good test for new mechanics and features.

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  2. Five minutes cooldown lel, are they aware that long cooldowns on consumables work in WoWs because a match lasting less than 15 minutes is uncommon? Plus the fact that there are perks and consumables to shorten said cooldowns?

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  3. I’m amazed by the amount of whine I found here.

    When WG does something wrong, whine. Ok, normal.

    But when WG actualy implements a *original and optionnal* new game mode, with new consumables to test and people still find a way to bitch about it. C’mon, guys.


  4. Remove the detection mechanics and render all tanks all the time without showing them on the minimap or else this mechanic will just lead to more toxic dumbed down gameplay experience


  5. should be consumable at least available to light/medium tanks to provide smoke screen cover to motivate advances for allies. It should be shell/tank consumable rather then global consumable with more local effect. It may work also like in wows – not making tanks in smoke invisible (especially when firing), but rather reducing their detect range. Values may vary for every tanktype or particular vehicle (like in wows). However wot player base is more stupid than wows playerbase, so this will never be implemented as wot imbeciles would shitstorm that taking care about another value (detect range in smoke) is too complicated mechanics for them.

    Good players make a good game.

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