WoT Supertest – Berlin

Tankers! We continue to share info about new World of Tanks maps. Today we present a prototype of the Berlin map, straight from the Supertest.

We want to make it a completely new map, similar to a part of the real town, although we had to forgo historical realism for gameplay reasons. Berlin is planned to be a mix of a city map and open terrain. It will contain historical buildings, like the Branderburger Gate, the Reichstag, and the train station.

[WoT] Supertest: Берлин (свободная камера)[WoT] Supertest: Берлин (свободная камера)

The map should be suitable for all tank classes: 

  • Heavy tanks will find their way around the first zone, shielded from fire from arty and TDs
  • The open space of zones 2 and 3 will be appropriate for light and medium tanks. The second zone will be especially good for mobile tanks, since you have to be on the move constantly to avoid skycancer. Zone #3 will be good for spotters

The TDs will be fine on the edges of the map.

[WoT] Supertest: Берлин (объезд)[WoT] Supertest: Берлин (объезд)