WoT Supertest – Berlin

Tankers! We continue to share info about new World of Tanks maps. Today we present a prototype of the Berlin map, straight from the Supertest.

We want to make it a completely new map, similar to a part of the real town, although we had to forgo historical realism for gameplay reasons. Berlin is planned to be a mix of a city map and open terrain. It will contain historical buildings, like the Branderburger Gate, the Reichstag, and the train station.

The map should be suitable for all tank classes: 

  • Heavy tanks will find their way around the first zone, shielded from fire from arty and TDs
  • The open space of zones 2 and 3 will be appropriate for light and medium tanks. The second zone will be especially good for mobile tanks, since you have to be on the move constantly to avoid skycancer. Zone #3 will be good for spotters

The TDs will be fine on the edges of the map.


5 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Berlin

  1. I know this map is still in supertest stagebut…what is it with them and making ‘pancake flat’ maps combined with ‘hard corridors’?
    Is it all but a failure of wrongfully interpreting feedback? Or a failure of implementation?

    For years now the player base have been asking for more open maps…nothing strange about that request…good.
    Them comes the 1.0 map reworks, which did add more open areas. Sounded good at the introduction. But lots of area’s have been completely flattened with near to no terrain features. Essentially having made “big empty flat soccer field area’s” that acts as a killing grounds.

    Whether this had been done intentionally or that team/lead producers have misinterpreted feedback thinking too much in the extreme’s. As in: request more openness = we make fully flat field with no terrain or cover.
    I really do wonder.

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    1. Show these maps to any serious game artist/designer and they will laugh at you. Full of dead spaces. Spaces that are useless because they are either unaccessible (think big Paris map with ton of closed of buildings and few corridors) or open flat fields that one will use because its an insta kill.

      All of their maps are the same shit, corridor to the left, corridor to the right and an open field in a middle. It’s like their maps are being designed by a 2 year old. Whats worse is that the 1.0 made so many maps worse with flattening and disabling all exploits unilaterally, even though some worked well to balance out slightly the broken ones.

      What is WG’s fucking obsession to dumbing everything down, instead of creating more complexity that requires some tactics and forethought?


  2. * The TDs will be fine on the edges of the map.*

    of course!!
    hey why not delete TD’s out of the game completely after all there is fuck all maps they can actually be ‘TD’s’ in left is there?

    lets move TD’s where they do absolutely nothing but sit in a bush edge of nowhere – the fact TD are useless helping the team now ~ ah da, da well fuck-em!

    i miss anything WG?


    1. Yes, they answered your question with 268v4… lets make TDs that are completely broken and make heavies irrelevant.


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